Industrial Component Hardware

Sugatsune opens the door to better solutions for industry.

If you can put a door or a lid on it, Sugatsune has a product to improve its function or appearance. And if we don’t already have just the thing you are looking for in our catalogue, our expert engineers can develop it for you from scratch.

About Industrial Component Hardware

Our 30,000-plus listed items include hinges, stays, slides, locks, casters, catches, glides and all manner of other hardware and associated accessories. With a stable of brands led by our own renowned LAMP mark and complemented by a select group of international partners, we supply vertical sectors as diverse as construction and aviation, healthcare and hospitality, manufacturing and marine, guaranteeing premium quality, industrial grade components to all.

Building on 90 years of Japanese precision engineering expertise, the Sugatsune name has become a by-word for quality, reliability and innovation. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, whether it is the rigour with which we stress test every product, our flair for pioneering new ideas to solve design challenges, or our commitment to offering world class service to every client.

Experts in Motion

Industry never stands still. Motion is a defining feature of every machine, every production line, every vehicle, every process and operation. Over the decades, Sugatsune has made it our business to become experts in the motion of opening and closing, crafting components which deliver essential functionality to doors, lids, flaps and drawers.

Motion Design Tech is a patented product concept which delivers added value to entrance and storage systems across industry verticals. Recognising the importance of getting such motion ‘just right’ – neither too tight and restricted nor too loose and free – we have applied our flair for creative innovation and precision engineering expertise to develop five distinct solutions for use in our range of industrial hinges and stays:

  • Soft Motion controlled close
  • Free Stop complete hold in any open position
  • Click Motion temporary hold in any open position
  • Power Assist spring mechanisms for help with heavyweight doors and lids
  • Unique Motion wide and lateral opening.

Used singly or in combination, our Motion Design Tech solutions provide the flexibility to look beyond the restrictions of conventional open and close functionality. Instead, our approach is all about precision, premium quality and personalization, for every use case.

Dedicated to Design

The days when industrial components could be all about function over form are over. Users are no longer satisfied with equipment that works fine but looks ugly. They want the whole package, style and performance rolled into one, and it is our mission to help manufacturers meet those expectations.

For us, great design and great functionality are two sides of the same coin anyway – the more you focus on precision, balance and detail, the better the final product will work, and vice versa. No wonder so many of our products have been acclaimed with Good Design Awards.

Your Components, Your Way

Our commitment to delivering the exact solutions our clients need extends to looking beyond prefabricated products to offering a bespoke development, design and production service. Making available our expertise, our personnel and our equipment to OEMs and ODMs, we can tailor existing products to fit unique requirements with custom finishes, custom dimensions and by adding additional functionality, or we can help clients bring entirely original concepts to market.

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