Locks play a vital role in physical security. From securing premises to assisting with health and safety management by preventing unauthorised access to equipment and machinery, locking systems have an incredibly wide range of applications.

About Locks

Manufacturing locks is a highly skilled business. Not only do the locks themselves have to be strong and durable enough to be fit for purpose, with moving parts that can operate flawlessly through thousands of cycles, they also have to be tamper-proof and resilient in the face of people trying to force entry. This commonly involves complex key and barrel arrangements which makes replicating the key or jimmying the mechanism difficult.

Drawing on decades of experience at the forefront of Japanese engineering excellence, Sugatsune excels in the problem-solving and precision required to craft high quality, high performance locking systems. We specialise in locks for cabinets and casing suitable for use in commercial and industrial settings.

Lock Solutions Explained

Over the years the craft of lock-making has developed its own unique language which can be tricky for the non-specialist to decipher when faced with choosing a product. Here is an explanation of some of the key terms to bear in mind that will be helpful when it comes to identifying the right lock solution for your needs.
  • Key number: Key-operated locks work by matching the pattern of the teeth on the key to the sprung pins in the cylinder. When the teeth and pin patterns match, the cylinder mechanism can turn. These patterns (known as the ‘bitting’) are recorded as a code, known as the key number. This can be used, for example, to replace keys for a particular lock if they are lost or broken.
  • Key alike: Key alike systems allow a single key to operate multiple locks. This is popular in industries like facilities management where it is more convenient to use a single key for multiple applications (e.g. for all the fuse box covers around a site), reducing the number of keys that have to be carried.
  • Key different: Key different is the opposite of key alike and means that every individual lock needs a unique key. A classic example of where different keys are a necessity for security reasons is in lockers systems.
  • Master key: A master key system is a key different solution that has a single key capable of working all locks.
  • Total key system Typical of filing cabinets or chests of drawers, a single keyhole will operate multiple locks.

Our Locks

All Sugatsune locks are made to exacting standards of security, precision and build quality. We manufacture our locks from tough, resilient materials and go the extra mile to ensure they are tamper-proof, with added security features such as picking prevention pin systems and dimple-type keys which are very hard to duplicate.

We offer two key alike systems in two series, the Million Lock Series and the 2100 Lock Series. All lock types in each series can be opened by a single key if required. The Million Locks Series is so-called because it offers a maximum of one million different key numbers. That allows us to offer an exclusive number service (keys which are unique to your locks, and won’t be duplicated in any other products used elsewhere). We also offer a master key system with this series.

Locks in the 2100 Series may have up to 12 different keys.

Cam locks

Cam locks are a highly versatile type of lock notable for their small size and straightforward installation. The standard cam lock mechanism is both extremely simple and impressively effective – an extended metal plate (the cam) extends perpendicular to the barrel and turns through an arc of 90 degrees, so it is vertical (at 12 o’clock) in the open position and horizontal (at 3 o’clock) when locked.

Sugatsune cam locks are suitable for wood, glass and sheet metal cabinets and are particularly popular in vending machines, ATMs, game machines, coin lockers, mailboxes and so on. Our smallest cam locks are just 13.2mm thick, leaving plenty of room inside the cabinet. We also supply cam locks with extra security features such as pick-resistant magnetic key/barrel combinations.

Glass locks

Cam and push-type locks specially designed for use on glass cabinets are available as part of both our Million Lock and 2100 Series. Push locks operate via a double cylinder, with the outer of the two pushing inwards to lock inside the other. We supply push-only locking varieties, and those that need to be locked with a key once depressed.

Cabinet door locks

Sugatsune’s cabinet locks make use of a deadbolt mechanism – a lockable bolt that can only be moved using the key. Our cabinet locks are designed for small to medium sized cabinets with door thicknesses up to 36mm. We also supply a non-key cabinet lock which makes use of a dial code for locking.

Other locks

Other miscellaneous locks we supply include a high security padlock range made with a tough stainless steel shackle and double lock system. We also offer a range of laptop security locks which, much like a bike chain, are designed to prevent theft by tethering electrical equipment to a secure unit. Our laptop locks require a special locking adapter which attaches to the device via the D, RS-232C or RGB terminal.

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