Lock-making is a highly specialised and much sought-after craft with a rich tradition dating back centuries. A quality lock must demonstrate strength, resilience and precision – tough enough to resist being forced open, clever enough in its ‘bitting’ (the pin patterns in the barrel that correspond to the key to open) to avoid being picked. And despite the delicacy of these carefully sprung internal parts, able to withstand thousands of use cycles intact.

Security depends on striking such a fine balance. Trusting the lockmaker goes a long way to trusting that all is safe and sound.

With Sugatsune locks, you can trust in the world class Japanese precision engineering heritage that is behind every product. Manufacturing industrial component mechanisms with an artisan’s care and attention to detail is what we do best.

Security Locked In

We specialise in cabinet and casing locks, with a broad range of solutions designed for storage, for display cases, for equipment and general security. Working at the smaller end of the scale in terms of lock size, all of our locks are nonetheless produced in accordance with strict standards of security, precision and build quality, using the most durable materials for long-lasting performance.

While strength matters in lock manufacture, it is not the be all and end all of security. Part of the art is out-smarting all the ways an intruder might try to pick or otherwise trick their way in. Key security is a major risk factor. A stolen or copied key can give someone unauthorised access without the need for force or picking skills.

Our Million Lock Series seeks to minimise this risk by ensuring that every group of locks (and their corresponding keys) have a unique pattern. The name refers to the fact that the bitting pattern in each lock can be set to a million different combinations. If a key is lost, change the bitting, change the key. The odds of the old key (or any other, for that matter) working for the new combination are one in a million.

Cam locks are among the simplest yet most quietly effective and versatile lock types going. Ideal for small cabinets, a simple rotary arm (or cam) locks into position against a strike plate when closed. Our cam locks, which we manufacture for wood, glass and sheet metal cabinets, are popular for applications such as vending machines, ATMs, mailboxes and more. Because of the heightened security concerns around such locations, we make cam locks with pick-resistant barrels. Not only does the key pattern have to be right, but the pins won’t activate without the magnetic pull from the key.

We also make push locks specially designed for glass cabinets and deadbolts for small to medium-sized cabinets. Deadbolts use a reinforced hasp or clasp that can only be moved with use of a key. Away from cabinets, we manufacture a range of high security padlocks range made with a tough stainless steel shackle and double lock system.

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