Levelling Glides & Bases

Whatever the size, Sugatsune helps you keep cabinets, units and equipment on a level.

Levelling glides take the floor out of the equation when it comes to keeping objects steady. Whether surfaces are uneven or on a slant, adjustable glides put units on a firmer footing to keep everything safe and secure.

Sugatsune manufactures glides suitable for everything from small cabinets all the way up to some of the most heavy duty options available on the market, capable of bearing massive loads up to 11,000kgf.

Regardless of the size, all of our glides are built to our usual exacting standards and with our customary eye for detail, guaranteeing long-lasting stability. Every glide is designed so it can be adjusted in situ even under load, the only way to level a unit with precision. Many of our glides offer two way adjustment, tilt as well as height, so the angle of the glide can compensate for any sloping.

We also supply a range of different base covers and case feet in different materials to provide maximum grip and minimise the risk of slippage on different types of floor.

Sway Foot Glides

Across our entire product range, our expert team of design engineers are always on the look out for ways to add value for our customers with innovative industrial component designs. With standalone units and cabinets, the problem they set themselves to solve was this – how to reduce the impact of vibrations and tremors.

Whether it is rattling caused by footsteps on a suspended floor, vibrations from passing traffic or, at the more extreme end of the spectrum, earthquakes, freestanding units are particularly vulnerable to any kind of tremors. Casings can have a tendency to amplify even minor vibrations, putting delicate instruments and objects at risk.

Our solution is the sway foot glide. By giving the bolt that attaches to the main unit a small amount of leeway to move around in the base, tremors can be absorbed before they reach the cabinet or unit casing. In the case of more violent tremors, the base itself is designed to move over and with the movements in the floor surface.

With maximum loads reaching up to 765kgf for a set of four, examples of use cases for our sway foot glides include data center server racks, as cloud and IT service providers seek to protect essential computing infrastructure from physical damage. They are also ideal for sensitive measuring equipment in laboratories that can be thrown off by even the smallest vibrations, and for the same reason are a popular choice with semiconductor and medical equipment manufacturers

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