Levelling Glides & Bases

Levelling glides are height-adjustable legs used to ensure equipment and storage units (and what they contain) are kept level regardless of whether the floor is even or not.

The Sugatsune range includes solutions suitable for the largest and smallest of applications, from ultra heavy-duty options capable of bearing massive loads of up to 107,873 N / 11,000kgf to miniature varieties which can be easily height adjusted by hand.

In addition to strength and durability, our world-class engineers also develop levelling glides with specialised added functionality, such as swivel functions which help to compensate for the most uneven of floors, and anti-shock systems developed to prevent units from shaking in the event of an earthquake.

Levelling Glides & Bases
Levelling Glides & Bases
Levelling Glides & Bases
Levelling Glides & Bases
Levelling Glides & Bases
Levelling Glides & Bases
Levelling Glides & Bases

Our products

Special Levelling Glides

Cabinets are particularly vulnerable to tremors caused by earthquakes, impact vibrations and other sources. Even relatively small shocks transmitted into the body of a cabinet can have a damaging impact on precision instruments and delicate materials contained inside, while larger quakes pose the risk of standalone units toppling over.

The Sugatsune Sway-Foot Levelling Glide is an ingenious value-added solution which absorbs vibrations using an innovative double slide mechanism. In the event of small tremors, the bolt is free to move a small amount over the base, countering any shake. For larger quakes, the base is also designed so it will slide over the floor to further absorb the shock.

Our Sway-Foot Glides are available in three sizes with a maximum load capacity of 7500 N / 765kgf per complete set of four. They are widely used in the server rack systems of major manufacturers to protect critical computing hardware in data centres, and are also ideal for medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measuring instruments, fixtures for works of art and delicate museum pieces, plus many other situations where nullifying vibration and shock is desired.

Heavy Duty Levelling Glides

Our heavy duty levelling glides are designed to support large loads up to a maximum of 107800 N / 11000kgf. Comprising a thread, adjustable bolt and base, our heavy duty glides are manufactured from high strength stainless steel for long term durability and can be machined to order to our customers’ specifications. We also supply an ultra heavy duty levelling glide with swivel function to compensate for uneven floors, with even load distribution.

Medium-Sized Levelling Glides

Our medium-sized levelling glides are designed for a wide range of applications such as machine tools, vending machines, conveyors, computer racks, control boards, laboratory equipment, office equipment and furniture and more. This series includes products suitable for maximum loads of up to 14112 N / 1439kgf.

Sugatsune levelling glides are designed for easy installation via either cross-recessed bottoms or a second hexagonal nut. Threads and bases are manufactured from steel or stainless steel for strength and durability, with a range of base materials available, including elastomer for superior impact resistance and a variety of synthetic rubbers which prevent skidding and marking of floors.

Some products are available with a black chromate finish and as with our heavy duty glides, we also supply swivel function options for even weight distribution on uneven surfaces.

Small Levelling Glides

Sugatsune small levelling glides are suitable for lighter weight applications with a maximum load bearing capacity of 2744 N / 280kgf. Engineered to the same exacting standards as our heavy duty and medium-sized glides, our smaller products are made from hard-wearing steel and stainless steel with easy installation and adjustment. A choice of base covers are available, with plastic and synthetic rubber options to prevent skidding and floor scratching. Our smaller glides also feature our most extensive range of products with swivel function for achieving balance on uneven surfaces.

Glide Bases and Case Feet

As well as offering a range of optional base covers and case feet for glides in assorted different materials, we also manufacture brackets for providing additional support where the stem attaches to the unit, and also for attaching glides to aluminium frames.


Aside from levelling glides, Sugatsune also manufactures two other types of support solution. We offer a choice of three five-pronged bases which are ideal for deployment in hospitals and medical clinics as supports for intravenous drip tables, mobile carts and stand type lighting. Available in aluminium alloy and reinforced polyamide varieties, they can be used with or without casters and are also suitable for office chairs.

We also manufacture a multi-step table leg product designed for workbenches which can be height adjusted simply by lifting the top.

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