Hooks & Brackets

Don’t be left hanging in your search for the right wall mounting and suspension solution.

Over the years, Sugatsune has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial hooks and brackets, creating a peerless range of options covering every need.

Whether you’re looking for shelving for storage, racking systems for equipment, or just a convenient means of tucking cabling and piping out of the way to create neater, safer environments, you’re in the right place.

The Solutions You Need

Our range has been developed with the needs of our customers at the front of our mind. We are always keen to listen to what people want from industrial components in the real world. Our approach to hooks, brackets and mounting systems is no different.

We prioritise safe, reliable, durable solutions that stand up to the demands of any kind of industrial setting. Delivering what our customers really want is also what drives our commitment to innovation. There are always ways to improve on what has gone before. Always new needs and demands to address.

Across our range of hanging and mounting systems, you will find new riffs on classic concepts, discover new innovations, and across all see an unstinting commitment to quality, versatility and choice. And if you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to ask. We’re always more than happy to help.

Sugatsune Hooks

The largest part of our hooks collection falls under the category of small utility hooks. But within that you will find huge diversity in shapes, styles, material and mounting types, to ensure we cover the largest range of uses and applications possible.

The majority of our smaller industrial hooks are manufactured from stainless steel for durability and resilience, with the strongest examples capable of bearing loads up to 35kgf each. We also manufacture from non-conductive materials such as silicon and rubber, plus various metal alloys including zinc. As well as conventional screw-mounted hooks, we manufacture magnetic hooks which offer a versatile option for lightweight applications.

Aside from standard design hooks, other products we make include latch hooks with secure carabiner-like fastenings, recessed hooks which flip neatly out of the way into a cavity when not in use, and swing hooks which can be moved horizontally and vertically when empty for agile loading.

Sugatsune Brackets

All of our angle brackets are manufactured exclusively from industrial grade stainless steel for strength and stability. Suitable for shelving or for mounting equipment on walls, we supply brackets with depths ranging from 25mm to 400mm, with maximum load capacities up to 200kgf.

One of our most popular innovations is our EB folding brackets, heavy duty hinged brackets suitable for retractable shelves and counter flaps. Along with secure automatic locking and a convenient lever release mechanism, EB brackets can also be paired with a Lapcon damper for premium soft close motion – perfect control for even the heaviest loads.

Sugatsune Shelf Standards

An alternative mounting solution to brackets, shelf standards provide greater flexibility and the freedom to adjust shelf height and position quickly and conveniently. Our range of standards includes shallow rails that can more easily be recessed to sit flush with the wall, standards with hidden holes for a clean appearance, and heavy duty options suitable for the largest loads. As well as tough and durable stainless steel standards, we also offer aluminium versions which are easier to cut to length.

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