Hooks & Brackets

Hanging and suspension systems are used for many different purposes across business and industry. From shelving and wall-mounted equipment to tucking cabling and piping out of the way, the common need across industrial use cases is for safe, reliable, durable solutions.

Hooks & Brackets
Hooks & Brackets
Hooks & Brackets
Hooks & Brackets
Hooks & Brackets
Hooks & Brackets

About Hooks & Brackets

Sugatsune has been manufacturing and selling hooks and brackets for decades. As with all of our industrial components, we focus a lot of time and energy on keeping our ear to the ground, listening to feedback from our customers and evolving our product ranges to meet real-life needs and demands.


Over the years, coupled with our peerless engineering pedigree, this has allowed us to set the standard for industrial hanging and suspension systems. With a steady stream of new, innovative designs, clever variations on classic shapes and a commitment to increasing quality, versatility and choice, Sugatsune has established its reputation as the go-to global provider of hooks and brackets.


Large hooks

Engineered exclusively out of high grade stainless steel for strength and endurance, our multipurpose large utility hooks can bear loads of up to 39kgf / 380 N.

Small hooks

Although the majority of our hooks are classified as small in size, many of them still rate as highly tough and durable, with the strongest capable of bearing maximum loads of 35kgf / 340 N. While, like our large utility hooks, the majority of our smaller hooks are manufactured from stainless steel for strength, we also supply hooks made from silicon, rubber and zinc alloy. With versatility and convenience high on our agenda, we offer magnetic hooks for lightweight applications alongside more traditional screw-mounted varieties.

Recessed hooks

At Sugatsune, we value appearances as much as we do operability, and indeed we always believe form and function should go hand in hand in premium quality component design. Recessed hooks combine two things that are at the very heart of our design philosophy – motion mechanisms and the tidiest possible appearance.

When not in use, recess hooks automatically retract into the body about a spring pivot, leaving them tucked out of the way flush with the wall or, in the case of counter hooks, the underside of the surface they are attached to. With our NF-60D product, we even add one of Sugatsune’s signature technologies – a soft close damper mechanism so the arm closes in a slow, controlled manner.

Latch hooks

Latch hooks operate like carabiner clips used in climbing equipment – there is a hinged lever which, when closed, prevents any item attached to the hook from slipping off. Our latches are spring loaded so they automatically default to the close position but are easily pressed inwards to open when an item is loaded onto the hook. Latch hooks are ideal for holding chains and ropes when there is a risk they might move and slip off, for example in marine applications for holding a boat in a dock. Our largest latch hooks are also wide enough to fit and hold pipework in position.

Swing hooks

Swing hooks can be moved horizontally and/or vertically for agile positioning and convenient loading. All of our swing hook products make use of a friction mechanism which blocks movement when loaded. The heaviest duty options can bear loads up to 50kgf / 490 N.


Angle brackets are L-shaped wall supports used for shelving and for mounting equipment on walls. Sugatsune supplies industrial grade wall brackets in a range of shapes and sizes, exclusively manufactured from stainless steel or steel to ensure strength, stability and safety.

With support depths ranging from 25mm to 400mm, and load capacities of up to 200kgf / 1961 N, we are confident of being able to supply customers with a bracket to suit every application. As well as fixed brackets, we also manufacture folding brackets for uses such as counter flaps and retractable shelves. All of our folding brackets automatically lock in place when open and have a lever release mechanism. Our EB folding bracket can also be paired with a Lapcon damper to deliver smooth, controlled soft close, avoiding the risk of a sudden drop on release.

Shelf Standards

Shelf standards add versatility to storage and rack mounting solutions. Rather than fixing a bracket directly to a wall in a set position, shelf standards provide vertical rails with a series of different slots, making it quick and simple to switch the position of brackets and therefore adjust the height of shelves and mounted equipment as required.

Sugatsune manufactures a number of different shelf standard types to offer a full, flexible range of solutions. These include heavy duty standards for bearing the largest loads, options with hidden or covered holes for increased aesthetic appeal, slim profile rails which are easy to recess so they sit flush with a wall, and narrow rails with high load capacity.

Most of our standards are manufactured from high quality stainless steel for strength and durability in all conditions, but we also offer an aluminium product that is easier to cut to the desired length for fitting.

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