Hinges are ubiquitous in industrial settings. Doors, lids, shutters, compartments – on most things that open and close, in fact – hinges are the mechanism that makes the motion happen.

Small they might be. And often inconspicuous (perhaps deliberately so). But in so many ways and in so many applications, hinges are pivotal.

With our world-renowned LAMP range of industrial hinges, Sugatsune opens the door to new possibilities. Across one of the largest ranges available anywhere, we take great pride in the quality, the reliability and the durability of every hinge we manufacture.

We also take great pride in broadening the horizons of what hinges are capable of. From innovations in motion technology to bespoke made-to-order hinge designs, our world-class engineering teams constantly re-evaluate the basic hinge concept with the goal of giving our customers more choice, flexibility and added-value performance.

Classic Hinge Designs

First and foremost, industrial hinges have to be tough, durable, long-wearing and reliable. A good hinge is a hinge you never notice, because it just does its job without any issues.

Certain ‘classic’ designs have stood the test of time and are as relevant today as they have ever been. Browse our range for tried and tested standards such as:

    •  the familiar, ubiquitous butt hinge.
    •  Elongated piano hinges that provide additional support and are ideal for lids.
    •  Step hinges for overlay doors.
    •  Lift-off hinges that make removing a door or cover simple for extra flexibility.

In Japanese, these classical hinge forms with two metal plates pivoting around a central rotating pin are known as “choutsugai”, which literally means butterfly. At Sugatsune, we take this visual reference to ‘winged’ hinge designs as our cue to give every hinge we manufacture a butterfly’s elegance and grace.

Innovations in Motion

What classic hinge designs don’t offer is much variation in how they move. It’s all about the single pivot, swinging a door through an arc as it opens and closes.

Given the sheer scale of all the different locations and applications hinges are found in across industry, this has always struck us as limiting. Is there really only one way a hinge can move? What new opportunities could you open up if you had hinges that moved a little differently?

Over the years, this inquisitive approach has led to the development of exciting new hinge concepts that add precision, control and flexibility to how and where industrial hinges are deployed. Browse our full range to discover:


    • free stop’ torque and detent hinges that hold doors and lids open at multiple angles
    • ultra-smooth soft close courtesy of our patented Lapcon damper technology
    • lift-assist and spring-loaded automatic hinges for the heaviest lids and/or hands-free operation
    • multi-pivot solutions for track-free lateral opening and concealed cabinet hinges.


We can also manufacture bespoke hinges to your specifications, giving you the flexibility to adapt existing designs to your unique requirements (e.g. adding anti-bacterial coatings for sterile environments) or add specific functionality (like combining free stop torque hinges with a damper).

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