Cabinet Door Hardware & Shutter Doors

Let’s face it, sometimes conventional swing doors get in the way. In many industrial environments and situations, it’s not safe or practical to have doors swinging outwards where they can get in the way, causing an obstruction and possible collisions.

Plus, there are many occasions where it is desirable to have unobstructed access to a cabinet or a storage space from all angles. Swing doors always create an obstacle in one direction.

To answer all of these needs, Sugatsune has developed a range of cabinet door hardware designed to create more options for how things are opened and closed in industrial settings. Some of our solutions stick to tried and tested methods – sliding and folding door systems that replace the conventional arcing swing with lateral movement on tracks and slides. And shutter and roller door mechanisms that work vertically rather than laterally.

And then we have solutions which break new territory in both door motion and cabinet door component design, such as lateral opening hinges and multiple motion sliding doors.

Cabinet Door Hardware & Shutter Doors
Cabinet Door Hardware & Shutter Doors

Lateral Opening Hinges

There’s a reason why the vast majority of opening systems make use of hinges rather than lateral-opening slides or tracks. Even in situations where the arc motion of a conventional hinge isn’t ideal, hinges are just so much easier to install than tracks.

Our solution? To combine the best of both worlds – a hinge system that opens a door sideways so it tucks neatly out of the way, not swinging out into space where it can be a hindrance.

The MonoFlat LIN-X uses a groundbreaking small-radius double pivot system to push the door slightly forwards and across when it is opened, tucking it out of the way against parallel against adjacent surfaces without the need for a track. Like a sliding door it also maximises access to the cabinet from all angles.

LIN-X hinges are suitable for cabinet doors weighing up to 14kg. All LIN-X hinges are fitted with Lapcon soft close dampers to deliver premium smooth opening and closing motion, and are completely concealed when the doors are closed.

For larger cabinet doors and partitions, we also have the MonoFlat FAD, an innovative ‘half-way’ solution that combines a multi-pivot hinge with a single aluminium top rail. FAD systems are suitable for full-length doors weighing up to 35kg. Like the LIN-X, open doors are tucked in a fully open position flat against adjacent surfaces for optimal access and convenience, and ensure doors sit flush with their surroundings when closed for a pristine clean appearance.

Multiple Motion Sliding Doors

Our Multiple Motion (or MultiMo) concept aims to fix another drawback of conventional sliding door systems – the fact that you can only open one door at a time. Especially in arrangements of three or more doors, this can be frustrating as it limits access, increasing the amount of time it takes to look for or load items. The last thing anyone needs in a busy workplace.

The resolve this, the MultiMo FLAT system allows sliding doors to move freely into any available position. Want to check what’s behind the doors in two positions at once? Push to slide both open separately but simultaneously. To close, push any door you like into the unoccupied space. Like rearranging a puzzle.

Available both for wood and glass doors, the MultiMo FLAT slide system is both modular and narrow, meaning it’s ideal for shallow cabinets and can be extended by adding new doors/cabinets whenever you like.

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