Can’t find what you are looking for in one of our main category lists? Don’t give up just yet – we make a long list of industrial components that don’t quite fit with any of our other ranges. But that doesn’t mean they deserve to be overlooked.

At Sugatsune, we always say the small details matter. So this is where to find those small, easy-to-overlook items that, when it comes down to it, you can’t do without. All manufactured with our usual commitment to quality and reliability.

Here’s a summary of what we stock.

AS Series Aluminium Support System

A complete building and installation system for aluminium frames, the AS Series comes with connectors, brackets, gaskets, mounting screws and nuts plus hinges, catches, casters and glides for adding doors and partitions. Supremely versatile, easy to use and manufactured to peerless quality standards, the AS Series is a go-to solution any time and place you need erect an aluminium frame.


To provide the perfect seal in every situation, we stock an extensive range of standard and specialist gaskets covering a variety of different sizes and shapes. Designed for use in instrumentation, machinery, home appliances, control boards, medical equipment, furniture and more, check out our special materials gasket range for extra protection and durability. These include silicone and silicone trim gaskets that offer high resistance to heat and chemical degradation, eco-resin trim gaskets coated with an environmentally friendly rust-resistant resin, and Sube-Up, another resin-coated variety which stops wires sticking when you feed them through gaps.

Cable Grommets

Speaking of wires, with digital equipment and the electrical supply sources it depends on an integral part of industrial and workplace environments these days, cable management has never been so important. Our solutions range from simple capped and capless grommets that are sold ready to slot into cabinets and casings, up to enclosed wire management boxes

Ventilators and Caps

Where electrical equipment is housed in cabinets or casings, it’s important to allow for a free flow of air to prevent overheating. Sugatsune ventilators come in small hole and mesh varieties that also offer protection against dust and insects. We stock varieties that also feature cable grommets.

Our multi-purpose caps come in a range of diameters from six to 51mm and can be used to seal grommets and ventilators when not in use.

As well as cabinet ventilators, we also make architectural varieties suitable for construction, marine fittings and vehicles. These are available in a choice of aluminium, stainless steel and polyacetal, with options for adjustable aperture sizes to control air flow..


From door rollers to conveyor belts, elevators to vending machines, ball bearings have an enormous range of applications in industrial equipment and systems. We produce a broad range of roller bearings in two mains types, plastic and steel, precision engineered in stock sizes or, if you prefer, to your own specifications. 

LED Lights

The SL-TGH LED light is an ideal lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor equipment and machinery, offering versatile illumination options such as spot lights and sign lights. It is offered in three variations: wide flood, medium flood, and narrow spot, and can be fitted with an angle-adjustable mounting bracket if required.

This LED light is built to withstand harsh environments and is certified as oilproof, waterproof, and dustproof, meeting both IP69K and IP67F standards. It can handle extreme temperatures and water pressures with ease, making it highly resilient. The stainless steel body cover and tempered cover glass ensure it is corrosion-resistant and scratch-proof, providing long-lasting durability.

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