Furniture and Architectural Hardware

Premium function married with flawless form – that’s the Sugatsune way.

They say it is the little details that help to make good ideas great. It is precisely those little details that customers around the world trust Sugatsune to take care of.

About Furniture and Architectural Hardware

For 90 years, Sugatsune has been supplying furniture and cabinet makers, interior designers and architects with the components they need to bring their ideas to life. Handles and hinges, latches and locks, slides, glides and an extensive range of other hardware for doors, drawers and lids – we produce the parts that make designs workable.

As a company founded on the finest traditions of Japanese product design and engineering, we understand fully the competing priorities that our customers have to juggle. Good designs are practical, they serve a purpose, they are usable, durable and functional. But great designs are also stylish and appealing, they capture the eye and the imagination. And it is these aesthetic qualities which really add value to the final product.

Yet how often do designers feel they have to compromise on appearances because the available parts just don’t fit their vision?

At Sugatsune, our mission is to ensure our customers never have to make a choice between form and function. RIght down to our smallest components, we put equal emphasis on both.

Design values

Every component in our furniture and architectural hardware catalogue is designed and built to be as visually pleasing as it is exemplary in performance. To achieve this, our approach to component design is guided by three key principles:

  • Quality: For us, form and function go hand in hand in delivering a great product. We develop every product to look as good as it works, to deliver long-lasting premium functionality over years of use without deteriorating or tarnishing. We believe in the beauty of uncluttered simplicity, we appreciate the merits of artisan craftsmanship and we place a high store on using the finest quality materials available.
  • Innovation: To us, if a designer cannot find a component to fulfil a particular function, then the answer is simple – we will invent a product to do the job. Whether it is adjustable dampers for the ultimate in smooth soft close control, concealed hinges that open laterally rather than in an arc, or push-to-open touch latches for full-length doors, Sugatsune has over the years brought dozens or groundbreaking new concepts to market.
  • Choice: The reason why we value innovation so highly is that we are committed to providing our customers with as much choice as possible. By covering every niche and need with our product line up, and striving to plug gaps where they appear, our aim is to make sure that clients have all the resources they need to bring their designs to life – and never feel they fall down on the little details.

Our brands

Across the globe, the Sugatsune name has become synonymous with excellence in the furniture and architectural components markets. The same applies to our various brands and trademarks, some of which have become market-leading names in their own right. These include:

  • LAMP: Dating back to the 1940s, LAMP is the original Sugatsune house brand, and as such is recognised a symbol of quality and prestige across the world. We are careful that only the finest products available should bear the LAMP mark, showcasing our commitment to world class precision engineering, robust and durable build quality, and tireless innovation. LAMP lights the way where other component brands follow.
  • Lapcon: An abbreviation of ‘LAMP Control’, Lapcon is the brand name we give to one of our signature range of solutions – soft close technology. Ever since we introduced the world’s first soft close cabinet stay in 1989, our Lapcon brand has been the driving force behind innovations in controlled close solutions. The range now includes soft close door dampers, damper catches, lid stays, drawer slides and hinges, and is built around the award-winning Lapcon adjustable rotary damper.
  • Zwei L: Zwei L is our ultra-premium brand representing the very pinnacle of Japanese precision engineering excellence. With a range covering handles, kitchen and bathroom fittings, cabinet and architectural door components and more, Zwei L products make no apology for their unabashed focus on aesthetic quality and the finest artisan craftsmanship. Fashioned exclusively from high grade SUS316 stainless steel and utilising polishing techniques more usually found in the jewellry trade, Zwei L is an abbreviation for the German ‘Zwei Licht’, or dual light, a reference to the delicate interplay between mirrored and textured surfaces that is the signature of all Zwei L products.
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