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Quality. Innovation. Service. For 90 years, these have been the values that have seen Sugatsune Kogyo grow from a local hardware store into a major global supplier of premium precision engineered components.

Founded in Tokyo in 1930, Sugatsune Kogyo is Japan’s number one component hardware manufacturer supplying the furniture, architectural, industrial and marine sectors. Our world-class distribution system now reaches 47 countries with offices in the  Canada, China, Germany, India, and the UK.

Sugatsune Kogyo UK Ltd was founded in May 2005 to serve our growing European customer base.

Sugatsune Branch Office UK

The Sugatsune promise

As a company, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer support and service. Our purpose is to make sure every customer gets exactly the right products, no matter how big or small their order is. We strive for high stock availability across all of our distribution centres at all times, so you can be sure of getting exactly what you need, when you need it.

The Sugatsune approach

We believe the right product is not only the best quality product available, but also the product that has been designed specifically to suit your purpose, no matter how niche or unique. As a company, we are driven by a passion for finding creative solutions to problems our customers face, pushing back the boundaries of what is possible in component design, while never for a moment compromising on quality and reliability.

We are constantly looking to expand our product line with fresh ideas to inspire our customers with new solutions.

The professional’s choice

Professionals from across a wide range of vertical industries – architects, builders, cabinet makers, interior designers and manufacturers – trust in Sugatsune to deliver the quality and reliability they expect.

Drawing on the finest traditions of Japanese engineering expertise, we apply the same exacting standards and attention to detail to every component we make, whether a simple catch or a complex door mechanism.

Many of our products are used in the toughest marine and manufacturing environments where strength and resilience are paramount. But wherever they are needed, our expert craftsmanship and rigorous testing regimes guarantee years of trouble-free use.

Furniture and Architectural

From architects to furniture makers, finding components which match form and function with your vision is a major part of bringing a design to life. Hinges, locks, latches, brackets and handles all perform a practical role. But the modern craftsperson and design specialist want solutions that deliver aesthetic appeal, too.

Founded on our own uncompromising design principles, Sugatsune creates components for the furniture and architectural trades that are as visually pleasing as they are exemplary in their performance. Our brands and subsidiary companies – Lamp, Zwei L, Hawa, Motion Design Tech, OMM and Fastmount – have become bywords for premium quality in style and performance.

We have continued to drive innovation in the field of furniture and architectural component design. For example, we were the first company to bring soft-closing technology to the European market, reimagining door, lid and flap motion with a groundbreaking range of dampers, stays and integrated hinges that we are continuing to add to.

Industrial and Marine

From processing plants to pharmaceutical labs, plant machinery to aircrafts, hospitals to restaurants, Sugatsune supplies components for dozens of individual industries and applications, precision engineered for the exact functionality required.

Many of our products are designed for tough marine and manufacturing environments. We make extensive use of high tensile stainless steel and rigorously test each product to ensure they can withstand the most extreme conditions.

As well as an extensive range of premium quality off-the-shelf products designed and engineered for numerous industrial and marine applications, we also offer a bespoke made-to-order service where we will craft components to your specifications. This includes manufacturing products with customised finishes, customised dimensions, additional functions and features not available on our standard ranges.

With 15% of our human resource dedicated to product design and manufacturing, we are able to respond to every request swiftly and capably.

Sugatsune family

The company’s success is based around attention to detail and consistent high quality, from the simplest hinge or catch to the most sophisticated damped lid stay or door mechanism.

Customers have come to expect reliability and style. Many of the products are made from stainless steel or are designed for extreme conditions.

It is for this reason that many Sugatsune products find themselves in harsh marine or manufacturing environments and are favourites within the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

The Sugatsune Family

Part of the Family

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We pride ourselves on customer care, paying as much attention to this as our products

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Combining innovation with excellent quality Sugatsune products are leaders in their chosen fields.

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Our UK based team are always happy to help with any questions big or small.

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Our UK based team are always happy to help with any questions big or small.

Since the company was established in 1930 in Tokyo

Since the company was established in 1930 in Tokyo, Sugatsune has developed a variety of cabinet hardware, including stainless steel drawer slides, door handles, magnetic catches, sliding door latches, and invisible door hinges. We have a rich tradition of manufacturing high-quality cabinet hardware. Every product has been tailor-made for use by architects, designers and builders, and they trust Sugatsune for reliability and quality when it matters most. Manufacturing the best cabinet hardware is only a part of our mission; we strive to ensure that our friendly and efficient customer service accommodates your needs

The Sugatsune Family

LAMP- lighting the way with quality, innovation and service for more than 70 years. With over 20,000 products covering the full range of architectural and furniture components – from handles to hooks, locks to latches, hinges and lid supports to casters and slides plus much, much more – the LAMP mark is renowned worldwide as a symbol of prestige and excellence. The origins of the brand go back to 1949, when a kanji character found in the name of Sugatsune’s founder, Sugasawara Tsunesaburo, was adapted into a hand lamp figure that literally means “use of fire” and represents wisdom and courage. The Hand_Lamp trademark appeared on Sugatsune products until 1990, when it was switched for the LAMP name we know today. The original Hand_Lamp logo was a symbol of promise, and that is a word that is still at the core of what Sugatsune offers today. With our LAMP brand, we promise our customers:
  • World class precision engineering with every product
  • Exceptional build quality for years of trouble-free operation
  • Unrivalled choice, with thousands of lines to choose from
  • Cutting edge designs which set the agenda on innovation across the industry
  • Outstanding product availability, achieved through our world class distribution network
  • Superior customer service, built around our commitment to making your satisfaction our goal.

Global Leaders in Soft Close Technology

Lapcon – an abbreviation of LAMP CONTROL – is Sugatsune’s patented controlled close technology exclusively available under the LAMP brand. A key benefit of Lapcon technology is that the rotary damper unit fits easily into many different types of component, including concealed hinges and door dampers, making premium quality smooth motion control available in a huge range of applications – internal doors, wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, trunks and much, much more. The adjustable Lapcon rotary mechanism, as featured in the likes of our Olympia concealed cabinet hinges, also provides unrivalled precision in setting the soft close control to suit the size and weight of the door.

Thinking Laterally

Sugatsune has been at the forefront of innovation in lateral opening door mechanisms. The LAMP range now includes a number of flush-closing solutions for sliding doors available for everything from small cabinets to full-length partition and wardrobe doors. Our flush-closing systems achieve a pristine unbroken surface, perfect for designers seeking the ‘hidden door’ effect or searching for a minimalist contemporary look. We also continue to push the envelope in trackless lateral opening hinges. With our engineers’ typical flair for thinking around problems, we have overcome the traditional load-bearing limitations of lateral hinges and now offer solutions for doors from sub-5kg all the way up to 90kg. All of our lateral hinges feature soft close as standards and we also have the MFU-1000, an inward-opening lateral hinge.

Style and Strength

Our LAMP brand products make extensive use of stainless steel, a material favoured by our engineers and customers alike for combining strength and durability with an attractive polished finish. Simple, contemporary and effective, stainless steel is the perfect reliable, low maintenance choice for everything from straightforward decorative hardware to more complex mechanical components. Always conscious of providing our customers with choice, we are increasingly rolling out distinct and eye-catching finishes across our LAMP brand, including the highly popular matt black.
Why settle for the essential when you can reach for the ideal? Zwei L is an ultra premium brand born of Sugatsune’s tireless pursuit of the perfect balance of form and function. Our vision is to create everyday architectural components – handles and pull, hooks and hinges, latches and levers – that elevate even the most refined interior design concepts. The best impressions, after all, depend on the finest details. Zwei L stands for Zwei Lichter, the German for “dual light”. Zwei L products are made out of finely wrought stainless steel crafted to reflect light in two ways thanks to contrasting twin finishes. Satin surfaces offer fine granular textures that gently absorb colours, while flawlessly polished mirrored planes reflect their surroundings. The two qualities of light, at once muted and lustrous, combine to give Zwei L products a unique radiance that provides a perfect complement to materials such as glass, concrete and leather. The balance of two – satin and mirror, form and function, the essential and the ideal – acts as a repeated motif throughout the design details of every Zwei L product. Inspired by nature, our artisan engineers use the Goldener Schnitt, or “Golden Ratio”, as a guiding principle to inform the geometric relationships between surface areas, between straight lines and curves. The result is a harmony of form that the eye picks up on intuitively. An intriguing play of light, proportions in tune with natural balance, the pleasing impact of flawless precision and expert craftsmanship – Zwei L products are made to enhance premium interiors.

Jewel in the crown

The impeccable finishes that are the hallmark of Zwei L products simply cannot be achieved using standard mass production techniques. To deliver on our vision for the brand, we employ highly trained specialists with expertise more commonly utilised in the jewellery trade to achieve the precision and detail we require. All products in the Zwei L series are made out of SUS316, a premium grade stainless steel which delivers the highest level of resistance to corrosion. Durable enough to be used even in marine applications, our choice of SUS316 guarantees that Zwei L products keep their radiance for many years to come. The journey from raw material to finished component involves six main stages, all overseen by our experienced craftspeople. The steel is drawn, cut, pressed and sheared to achieve the shape of the final product, before it is polished. Our polishing process alone is a highly skilled artisan craft, requiring five times as many steps as a standard mirror polish using an abrasive twice as fine. From there, each product undergoes manual inspection carried out by specially trained professionals. Using a lengthy checklist, the goal is to guarantee that every product is a true reflection of our uncompromising design vision and values – unblemished perfection, no hint of deformation caused by the manufacturing process, no rough or uneven edges. Nothing less than the ideal will do.

Opening the door to applied motion science.

Movement plays a critical role in industrial components. The motion delivered by hinges, slides and stays delivers essential functionality for entrance and storage systems, allowing doors, lids, flaps, drawers and more to open and close as required.

But moving parts are also frequently the most vulnerable as well as the most difficult to get just right for each specific use case. Movement that is too free or too restricted, that doesn’t quite work with the angles required, can place serious limits on design and performance.

Motion Design Tech is a unique product concept developed exclusively by Sugatsune to provide flexible, bespoke movement solutions for flaps and doors. Designed to improve operability in the work environment, Motion Design Tech draws on Sugatsune’s peerless expertise in industrial component development to solve real-world problems with applied motion science.

The Motion Design Tech concept incorporates five different motion solutions.

Soft Motion

Delivering the ultimate in smooth motion control, our Soft Motion technology reduces the opening and closing speed of doors, lids and drawers. Ideal for quiet environments like hospitals and libraries, or for retail or hospitality businesses where self-serve display cases are in use, Soft Motion avoids the risk of loud noises, injury and damage associated with accidental slamming.

But more than that, Soft Motion is about convenience and control. Making use of the resistance properties of viscous fluids, our Soft Motion solutions also return themselves to a desired position without additional force being applied – lightly push up a vertical-opening flap on a wall storage unit and it will close slowly and naturally, let go of a lid on a trunk and it will fall gently and gradually.

Free Stop

From lids to flaps to tilting brackets, our Free Stop hinge technology allows any vertical-opening component to be held in any position. Lids and flaps can be safely left open without the need for an additional stay, saving space and simplifying operation.

The Free Stop concept works by applying friction to the turning mechanism of a rotary hinge. Also known as torque hinges, Sugatsune’s products use three solutions to create the required friction – fixed disks set in juxtaposition to the rotary elements, leaf springs coiling around a shaft and clips. These options mean we have the flexibility to include Free Stop functionality in a wide range of hinge types for different applications.

Power Assist

For the heaviest doors, lids and covers, getting an extra helping hand with opening is as important as ensuring a smooth, controlled, safe close. Power Assist hinges are ideal for the type of heavy safety lids used on lab analysis equipment and processing plant modules, or for full length cabinet or partition doors made of heavyweight materials like hardwood.

Power Assist hinges make use of the reaction force that is generated when a compressed or coiled spring is released. From a gentle one-handed lift or pull, the spring mechanism is activated and the lid or door swings open in a controlled, uninhibited fashion.

Click Motion

For horizontal-opening systems, our Click Motion technology provides a distinctive ‘snap and stop’ solution for holding doors in an open position temporarily. Ideal for any situation where you don’t want cabinet doors swinging closed of their own accord – in labs, for example, where you run the risk of knocking over sensitive instruments – Click Motion means doors won’t close until you want them to.

The ‘snap and stop’ feel comes from what is known as a detent mechanism built into the hinge – two rotating grooved shafts separated by ball bearings. When the mechanism rotates, at a certain point the balls will drop into the grooves and jam further motion – until a light force is applied to push them out again.

Unique Motion

Typically, doors, lids and flaps all open with a swing motion, usually through an arc of anywhere between 90o and 120o. But this raises the ‘open door problem’ – with the very largest apertures, or where space in front of the opening is restricted, the open door, flap or lid gets in the way.

Analysing this as an engineering problem, our interpretation is that, in circumstances such as these, the motion of the door does not match the space available. Our solution has been to reengineer hinge mechanisms to introduce Unique Motion, using multiple shafts and arms to create a more versatile locus of movement, which allows doors to move parallel to the wall or panel adjacent to it, tucking it out of the way. This also creates wider openings, making it easier to take something in and out.

We achieve this Unique Motion in two different ways. First, with conventional swing-type hinges that extend beyond the usual arc up to 160o, using double levers to avoid collision of the door with side panels. And second, with lateral-opening hinge technology such as that seen in our ‘MonoFlat’ LIN-X range, which pushes doors sideways rather than opening out in an arc.


Creating those ‘sliding door’ moments.

Hawa Sliding Solutions is the global market and technology leader in sliding hardware systems. From doors to shutters, furniture to walls, we offer a complete range of products for use on buildings, in buildings and for furniture and furnishings.

It has a reputation for superior build quality, exceptional performance, stylish design and innovation is founded on more than 50 years of Swiss precision engineering expertise.

For Hawa, sliding systems have always been more than just a functional architectural element – they make rooms more attractive and utilitarian, they make for more flexible and economical use of space. Sliding solutions help architects, interior designers and cabinet makers solve problems and bring their most creative ideas to life. It is our mission to support their inspiration with our own.

Able to put their trust in the premium quality and performance of it sliding systems, Hawa customers are free to think outside the box on how and where sliding mechanisms can be used. At the same time, we are always looking to create new impetus for sliding technology by driving forward innovations in design, applications and materials. We make it our business to stay ahead of the curve on future developments, being the first to respond to customer needs and setting the trends in the marketplace.

Hawa Brands


Hawa flagship range contains a full range of solutions for sliding, folding and stacking applications inside and outside buildings, as well as for furniture mechanisms. Hawa products are designed for extensive use across residential and commercial properties, and for sectors such as hospitality, retail, education and healthcare.


On buildings

External window shutters offer a number of advantages over interior blinds and drapes, including better insulation and energy conservation, heightened security and enhanced protection from sunlight. Hawa’s outstanding range of sliding shutters deliver all of these benefits coupled with a design aesthetic that helps to make building façades more visually appealing and adds to their value.

In buildings

Inside a building is where sliding technology really comes into its own. When space is at a premium, both in terms of how it is used and cost, Hawa products help to optimise what is available by creating clever storage solutions, neatly tucking doors, lids and flaps out of the way, and allowing areas to be partitioned flexibly.


Cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, dressers, trunks, drawers, counters – sliding mechanisms add value to all of these by delivering enhanced functionality that speaks directly to the modern preference for convenience and sophisticated simplicity. From storage units that don’t encroach on room space when the doors are opened to kitchen work surfaces that can be slid away to reveal hidden spaces beneath, Hawa sliding solutions help make modern living easier and tidier.


A game changer in panel mounting systems.

Fastmount is an award-winning hidden mounting solution for interior panels. Built around an innovative clip system designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Fastmount allows panels to be installed with flawless precision, perfect alignment and complete flexibility.

Using precision engineered fastenings moulded from industrial grade plastic, Fastmount sets a new global standard for interior panel mounting systems in the marine, aviation, architectural and recreational vehicle sectors. It provides a single solution for all different types of panel, guaranteeing secure, robust fixing in all circumstances.

But what really sets Fastmount apart is the way it combines impeccable results with complete flexibility. Fastmount provides a non-sequential mounting system, which means you can install and remove panels in any order you wish. You can also take down, replace and reorder panels as many times as you want, with no impact on the overall finish, drastically reducing the time and cost of repairs and refits.

And what Fastmount guarantees, no matter how many times you take down and put up individual panels, is a consistently superior finish, with exceptionally precise alignment providing a pristine final surface.

Fastmount can be used on virtually any type of removable wall or ceiling panel, in commercial and residential interior design, on artisan decorative panels and furnishings, on yacht and aeroplane interior fit outs, and much more besides. All fastenings are completely interchangeable with one another for complete flexibility. They can be used on panels made from all materials, wood, metal, plastic, glass, and allow for flexing and expansion in the panels themselves and the support frames to guarantee consistent quality.

Where Fastmount is Used

The Fastmount system has established itself as a panel-fixing solution of choice in four global industries:


Fastmount sets the standard that other suppliers strive to follow in the yacht and boat building sectors. The simplicity and flexibility of our removable panel solutions is perfectly suited to the demands of yacht production, customised interior design and refits. Making it quick and straightforward to install wall and ceiling panels in any sequence, Fastmount empowers yacht fitters to meet the specific requirements of every customer.


Panelling is a popular way of achieving premium quality finishes in interior design, but the drawback is that it has traditionally been a laborious and expensive process. But with modern fabrication techniques bringing down the cost of panels themselves and the Fastmount clip system significantly increasing the speed and flexibility of installation, panelling is becoming an increasingly feasible option in a wider and wider range of use cases.

Fastmount products are frequently used across the commercial and residential interior design sector for everything from large-scale fit-outs to installing art pieces, covered and decorative panelling and bespoke furnishings.

Recreational Vehicle

Fastmount has responded to the rigorous performance standards of the recreational vehicle sector by developing the VL-03 very low profile clip system, which provides a safe, secure removable mounting solution for the very thin walls, facings and panels used in the interior of vehicles, such as soft or honeycomb cored panels.


Fastmount is involved in an on-going project collaborating with several aircraft manufacturers and an aviation fit out specialist to develop a bespoke removable panel mounting solution suitable for the unique requirements of aeroplane interiors.


Solutions that hold furniture together.

O.M.M. specialises in the design and production of high quality components for the furniture industry. Founded in Italy in the 1950s, we have since the 1990s focused our attention on creating world-class metalware fittings and fixtures for supply to the furniture manufacturing trade.

Drawing on the expertise of a highly qualified and experienced engineering team, O.M.M. applies rigorous design and build principles to every product. Research and development plays a central role in what O.M.M do, and constantly looking to deliver exciting new solutions to the customers by introducing new ideas across our product range.

O.M.M. proposition to customers can be split into two parts. One, there is a standard catalogue of high quality components that are prefabricated and available for immediate dispatch. O.M.M. regularly update these ranges with new products and look to introduce new innovations driven both by customers understanding ‘ needs and the expertise of O.M.M. engineers.

Two, O.M.M. also like to work directly with our customers as active partners to deliver customised solutions for their requirements. If a customer approaches us with a request for a fitting or fixture that can perform a specific function not covered by a product in our catalogue, we will work with them to build a solution in partnership, collaborating at every stage from developing the concept to design to prototyping to production.

O.M.M. Products

O.M.M. manufactures components in stainless steel and aluminium, applying sophisticated precision engineering techniques to guarantee durability, long-lasting performance and impeccable accuracy in every detail. Our standard catalogue contains products in the following categories:

Joints & Connecting Fittings

Production of a range of cam and dowel-type fittings for use in furniture assembly and shelf fixings. These include standard with-grain fixings designed for panels of various types, an eccentric fixing mechanism with a screw lock and a tangent fixing anti-release shelf support. All O.M.M. connecting fittings are characterised by use of a 4mm hexagonal key for simple assembly, and several pair directly with own level adjusters for simple, convenient positional refinement following installation. Also it offer hidden shelf fittings, some of which can also be adjusted after installation.

Level Adjusters

O.M.M. level adjusters are designed to deliver low torque precision vertical positioning and convenient in situ access. Ideal for the base of cabinets, wardrobes, chests of drawers and more, we have solutions that allow for adjustment even in hard-to-reach areas and which allow vertical adjustment from the side of the fitting, rather than from above, meaning there is no visible sign in the surface of the unit. Adjustments are made using 4mm hexagonal keys and several of our products can be directly integrated with O.M.M. connecting fittings.

Wardrobe adjusters

Assembling doors and panels on wardrobes so they sit and hang straight without warping is a challenging task, traditionally requiring use of large numbers of screws. O.M.M. wardrobe adjusters offer another way. Also known as tensioners, these products take the form of vertical bars which once attached to a panel or door can be adjusted to tighten the panel into position.

The majority of O.M.M. wardrobe adjusters are manufactured out of aluminium and are designed for swing, sliding and folding doors. We also produce recessed and hidden tensioners which are fitted within the body of a panel rather than on the surface.

Extruded aluminium frames

O.M.M. manufactures a range of modular aluminium frames specifically designed for sliding doors and track systems. The modular approach means there are extensive opportunities to build customised systems to suit all different shapes and sizes. O.M.M. frames come with integrated tensioners for convenient straightening and adjustment once assembled, and are available in a range of different finishes.

General Hardware & Accessories

O.M.M. also manufacture a range of shelving fittings and wall fixtures, including adjustable and folding shelf supports, panel and upright hanging brackets and rack shelf systems, plus accessories such as baseboard supports, cover caps and hexagonal keys.

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