Catches Latches & Fasteners

Catches and latches are best known as the components that hold doors and drawers in position when shut.

Doors swinging open when they shouldn’t, drawers or sliding panels that won’t stay shut, equipment or storage units mounted on rails that move of their own accord – these things are not just an inconvenience in working environments. They pose a potential safety hazard. Catches and latches solve the problem.

Sugatsune manufactures and stocks one of the largest ranges of catches and latches for cabinets available anywhere on the market. Our priorities with these components are choice, reliability and convenience. Whatever you need a catch or latch for, we aim to supply it.

As with so many of our component ranges, we have also adapted the basic concept of latches and catches to create new types of products that hand even more options to industrial fitters. Our extensive range of fasteners, for example, provide world-class solutions for industrial assembly, while our award-winning door dampers use the catch concept to control closing motion for a safer, smooth finish.

Sugatsune Latches

Latches are mechanisms which hold two adjacent parts of a unit (like a door and its frame or surrounding cabinet) in position against each other by means of a movable clasp or hasp. The clasp is mounted on one part and slots into a counter plate on the other. It is released (and sometimes repositioned for closing) by means of a lever.

The most common and straightforward examples include bolts which slide laterally into a counter plate, and bar latches which move up and down in an arc. As well as multiple examples of these standard latch types, the Sugatsune range includes several innovative variations on the theme. Be sure to check out our flush slam latches which catch automatically when closed and are released by a lever that is inset into the main housing for a neat, tidy look.

We also manufacture vertical draw latches for lids which are spring loaded for extra tension in the hold, as well as touch latches which release by pushing a panel gently inwards – no need for visible levers or handles.

Sugatsune Catches

Unlike latches, catches don’t use any movable parts to hold one part of a unit against another. Instead, they use various types of force, such as friction and magnetism. The hold is released with a simple pull.

Sugatsune manufactures one of the largest ranges of magnetic catches anywhere in the world. The key benefits of magnetic catches in industry are that they are very easy to install and highly flexible. Through careful choice of magnetic materials, our most heavy duty magnetic catches are able to hold forces up to 15kgf, making them suitable for medium sized doors and lids.

We supply magnetic catches in casings made out of materials with a range of different properties such as heat resistance, anti-rust, antiseptic/antibacterial hygiene, ‘clean room’ dust prevention, noise reduction and more. We are also the market leaders in switched magnetic catches that include an electric circuit to turn the magnetic field on and off.

Our non-magnetic catches include simple knuckle and rotary catches which rely on friction, as well as more heavy-duty roller catches that use spring-loaded ball bearings for a firmer hold.

Sugatsune Fasteners

With applications ranging from aeroplane and marine interior panelling to industrial casing for machinery, electronics and lab equipment, our fasteners are designed to combine flexibility and simplicity in assembly (and disassembly) with strong, reliable hold.

Our range includes premium push lock fasteners developed specifically for industrial equipment and interior panelling. With a button-activated plug and socket system, our plug locks combine supreme simplicity in assembly with strong hold. We also supply knob fasteners used to build switch, distribution and control boards, plus easy click-in corner connectors for constructing aluminium frames.

Sugatsune Door Dampers

Door dampers use catch mechanisms to literally ‘catch’ a door as it closes, bringing it to a smooth, controlled stop. As well as conventional dampers which use a stay or arm to control a door throughout its entire closing arc, we also manufacture the groundbreaking LDD damper range, the market-leading solution in no-stay close control. Ideal for pairing with our equally innovative HES concealed hinges, LDD dampers catch doors late in their arc to bring them to a soft close. Small and discrete, they are nonetheless suitable for heavyweight industrial doors weighing up to 100kg.

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