Handles, Pulls & Knobs

From doors to drawers, lids to shutters, Sugatsune hardware allows our customers to get a grip on opening and closing systems. Whatever the industry, whatever the application, we manufacture handles, pulls and knobs to suit every purpose.

About Handles, Pulls & Knobs

Handles can easily be treated as an afterthought for storage and access solutions. Yes they provide a necessary function, a means of pulling open a door or lid, perhaps a latch mechanism to release a catch – but that is about it.

However, at Sugatsune, we take a different view. In industry especially, handles provide a crucial point of contact between human and machine. We therefore see handles and knobs as an integral part of a bigger system and to us, every little detail matters.

TB Handles

Our extensive handgrip range has been developed so our customers don’t have to choose between function, durability and appearance – they can have it all in one. We sum this up with what we call our TB Handle concept – toughness, beauty and utility, or ‘Toughness and Beautility’.

By Toughness, we mean that our handles are engineered in accordance with stringent load testing standards based on recognised industrial specifications across a wide range of sectors.

By Beautility, we mean that our handles are designed to be comfortable to use and pleasing to the eye in equal measure, combining style and operability in a single form. To achieve this, our handle products display exquisite attention to detail in both look and feel, combining sinuous curves with precise lines, tapered edges with authoritative angles, in ways which appear simple and natural but which are in fact the result of painstaking research and engineering expertise.

Zwei L

Continuing the theme of form and function in perfect harmony, we also market a number of pull and handle products as part of our ultra-premium Zwei L brand. Manufactured from the very finest corrosion-resistant SUS316 stainless steel, Zwei L products take their inspiration from nature – the intricate play of light off contrasting polished and satin surfaces, proportions conforming to the famous ‘golden ratio’. Developed to meet the very highest design standards of the architectural and interior design sectors, Zwei L pulls and handles, with their uncompromising focus on build quality and style, also make ideal solutions for industry.

Handles by type

We manufacture handles, pulls and knobs of a broad range of types to suit a wide range of purposes. They are also available in a wide range of materials, including corrosion-resistant stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium, PVC and antistatic, antibacterial elastomer coatings and other SEMI-compliant non-conductive materials, to suit the many different industrial environments where handgrips are required.

Here are some of the handles we manufacture by type:

  • Large handles: A mainstay of our TB range, our large handles feature are typically long and slender, providing an extended gripping area for convenience and plenty of leverage. From functional pipe and machinery handles to stylishly fashioned one-piece grips, many of our large handles can be deployed both vertically and horizontally.
  • Front screw mount: This describes one of the two main mounting options available for our handle and pull products, with mounting holes for screws visible with the grip.
  • Back screw mount: In contrast to our front mount products, back screw mount handles have no visible mounting holes and are instead installed by screwing through the panel into the back of the grip itself. Some of our products are available in both front and back mount versions.
  • Pulls & knobs: As an alternative to the standard U-shaped handle, we also offer an extensive range of pulls and knobs in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional globular and mushroom-shaped designs, to L-shapes and solid semi-ovals. As part of our premium Zwei-L range, we also supply beautifully crafted push knobs which remain tucked into and flush with the panel surface until the button is pressed to release and reveal the grip.
  • Recessed pulls: Rather than protruding from the panel surface of a cabinet door, drawer or lid, a recessed pull sits flush with the surface with a cut-away section or lip for grip. Our recessed pull range includes clip-in options for quick installation and trunk handles/ring pulls where the handle sits in the recess.
  • Latch handles: Latch handles combine a grip with a catch mechanism for holding doors and lids closed. We manufacture latches with a wide range of release mechanisms activated through the handle, pull or knob, including push, pull and turn release options.
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