Handles, Pulls & Knobs

When you stop and think about all the times you use a handle – to open doors, lids, covers, drawers, to activate mechanisms – something dawns on you.

Handles, pulls and knobs have long been treated as an afterthought in industrial design. But how can this be right? Wherever they are being used, handles are the focal point of contact between a person and unit or mechanism. There’s no great secret to how they work and what they do – just grab and pull. But if they weren’t there, how would you open that door, or unlatch that shutter, or activate that lever?

That’s why at Sugatsune, we take handles, pulls and knobs seriously. Especially in industry, we appreciate the need for handles to be functional and robust, capable of withstanding repetitive use over many days, weeks, months and years. We choose the best materials, and apply our expertise in precision engineering to ensure every handle we manufacture is of superior quality.

We also pay attention to the value of design flexibility. Whatever the industry, whatever the application, we manufacture handles, pulls and knobs to suit every purpose. Different sizes, different shapes, different materials to deliver different qualities – browse our extensive range to discover the right option for your needs.

Beauty and Utility

Something else we believe is that, for all their straightforward functionality, there’s no reason for handles not to look good. Appearances matter, even in industry. And while the first priority for any industrial component is that it should work well and for a long time, that doesn’t have to be at the expense of a polished, professional appearance.

This is a philosophy encapsulated by our TB Handle range of handgrips. The name says it all – ‘TB’ is an acronym for ‘Toughness and Beautility’, our little play on words merging beauty and utility. And that’s what TB Handles are designed to deliver – long-lasting durability, utility and beautiful appearance, all rolled into one.

Engineered to meet industry standard load specifications, TB Handles are made to take everything that can be thrown at them in tough industrial environments. They are ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in the hand and therefore easy to operate. But in line with our ‘beautility’ concept, feeling good also translates into looking good. The smooth, carefully tapered edges and gentle curves are just as pleasing on the eye as they are in the hand.

Elsewhere, check out our ultra-premium Zwei L range which includes a wide choice of pulls and handles. Although developed as a brand for interior and architectural design which showcases aesthetically exquisite artisan polished finishes, the fact that every Zwei L handle is made from highest quality corrosion-resistant SUS316 stainless steel also makes them an ultra-durable option perfect for industry.

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