Digital technology is increasingly shaping every aspect of our lives – including the spaces we live and work in. Appliances such as smart TVs and speakers, computers and laptops, tablets and interactive screens are now familiar fixtures.

For interior designers, this creates new priorities. Larger appliances must be incorporated into broader design schemes, housed in cabinets or on tables, mounted on walls. Plug sockets and charging points must be readily available and convenient. And then there is the question of what you do with all of those cables?

At Sugatsune, we understand that these small details matter in interior design. If you want your interior spaces to be practical, comfortable, tidy and beautiful all at the same time, how you manage cables etc makes a difference. 

To that end, check out our extensive range of cable grommets for desks, TV stands, computer cabinets and more. Available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colours and types, our grommets cover the full spectrum from simple tubes that slot into a borehole in a piece of furniture, to products with adjustable openings to fit different numbers and thicknesses of cable, to lidded grommets that can be closed neatly when not in use.

We also manufacture grommets that double up as ventilators, as well as stand-alone ventilators for cabinets. Because electrical appliances generate a lot of heat, fitting a ventilator into any enclosed cabinet where you might house a computer or TV or kitchen appliances is an important safety protocol. With grommet-ventilator combos, you get to serve two purposes with a single aperture, avoiding the need to cut additional holes and resulting in a tidier finish.

All of our ventilators designed for use with electrical cabinets feature a very fine mesh to prevent insects and dust getting through and potentially damaging the appliance. We also supply larger vents for wardrobes, closets and cupboards designed to help prevent damp by maintaining a good flow of air.

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