Casters & Levelling Glides

Whether you want standalone cabinets to be stationary or mobile, check out our extensive range of casters and levelling guides for the perfect solution.

Casters are self-explanatory. For TV stands, computer desks, tables, filing cabinets – anything you might want to move around the home or workplace – casters provide an easy way to put furniture on wheels, simply by mounting them to the feet or base.

Even if you want to keep furniture in the same place, levelling guides are often an absolute must. They can be adjusted to level out any unevenness in the floor – especially important if you plan to have anything valuable or delicate stored on or in the cabinet. Levelling guides also help to spread the load of heavier items, and absorb shocks and vibrations from the floor.

Casters and Leveling Glides
Casters and Leveling Glides
Casters and Leveling Glides
Casters and Leveling Glides
Casters and Leveling Glides
Casters and Leveling Glides

Sugatsune Casters

Unparalleled choice, unparalleled quality – our caster range covers solutions for every situation, guaranteed to deliver smooth motion, long-lasting performance and supreme stability. They even look good, too.

Our main caster categories are single and twin wheeled, available in swivel and non-swivel varieties, with and without brakes. For the ultimate in flexibility, check out our dual brake casters, with a double foot-operated lever to switch both brakes and swivel on and off. We also offer ball casters, which offer excellent 360-degree manoeuvrability.

Our casters are manufactured in a range of materials, including heavy duty stainless steel for the largest loads, lighter-weight yet still durable polyamides and elastomer, which provides great grip and silent running.

All of our casters come in three main mounting types – surface-mounted plates, threaded bolts which are screwed securely into a recess for additional strength, and clip-on bolts which are ideal if you want the flexibility of easily being able to remove and replace casters.

Sugatsune Levelling Glides

Levelling glides typically adjust vertically up and down. By screwing individual glides in or out to different heights, you can compensate for any unevenness in the floor to keep a cabinet or a piece of furniture level.

Most Sugatsune glides go a step further. They offer two-way adjustment, with the ability to also change the angle of each glide individually. This ensures even greater stability because it means the full surface of the glide’s ‘foot’ remains in contact with the floor even with a significant slant.

One of the key things to think about with levelling glide design is how to make adjustment easy even when furniture is in position. Many of our glides come with a separate base and cover mechanism which means the unit doesn’t have to be lifted for height to be adjusted – especially important for our most heavy-duty glides, which can bear loads up to 4500kgf.

One of our most innovative glide products is the MDSF ‘sway foot’, which allows a certain amount of ‘wobble’ between the base of the glide and the base. Ideal for display cases containing valuable items, this absorbs small tremors from things like heavy footsteps on suspended floors, or passing traffic, damping down any rattle inside the cabinet.

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