Lid Supports

Allow us to lift the lid on one of our most innovative product ranges – and support you in making lids and flaps in the home and workplace safer, more accessible and easier to use.

Over the years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of lid support design to create a range that adds premium control, unique functionality and supreme flexibility to the traditional stay concept.

Whether you are looking for a solution to hold a heavyweight lid open safely and reliably, or a way to make a horizontal flap work when short of space, our best-in-class lid support range has all bases (and openings) covered.

About Lid Supports

There’s more than meets the eye to your typical lid support or stay. Strip them down to the basics of what they do, and they seem pretty straightforward – just a means of holding a lid open so it doesn’t fall on whoever is looking inside, or to give them hands-free access.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. For a start, lids and flaps can be opened and closed in a variety of different ways and in a variety of different planes. Box lids can be hinged to lift upwards or flip downwards. Horizontal-opening cabinet flaps can be pulled forwards, lifted upwards or designed to pivot and slide backwards.

Each of these scenarios creates a different emphasis for what a support or stay does. With a lid or flap that lifts upwards, it’s very much about strong support in the open position to prevent accidental slamming. But with a bottom-hinged flap, it’s all about holding it secure in the closed position, against the downwards pull of gravity.

In addition to these conventional design challenges for lid stays and supports, we have also set out to solve additional puzzles. Such as how to avoid accidental slamming when a support is released. Or how to hold a lid or flap open in any position or at any angle. Or how to improve access to a concealed space by getting the lid or flap out of the way when open.

Premium motion, Unique Solutions

Browse our range and discover how we add value to lid supports in the following ways – in some cases all in a single product.

Soft Close: A Sugatsune signature across our extensive range of hinges and door dampers, nowhere is soft close technology more important than in lid supports. As well as holding lids open until released, stays fitted with close control dampers take away the risk to heads, fingers and furniture of lids crashing down unexpectedly.

Fitted with our patented Lapcon damper technology, our ‘soft down’ cabinet stays provide the smoothest, most controlled closing motion imaginable, adjustable to suit the weight and size of different lids. Our LAD dampers are suitable for heavier loads such as counter flaps and can be retrofitted to units without having to replace existing hinges.

Free Stop: Most lid supports are designed to lock in a single position. But using torque technology, our free stop stays will hold a flap or lid open in any position.


Lift Assist: For heavier lids and flaps, it isn’t just closing that benefits from a little extra help. Our lift assist technology adds spring mechanisms to lid stays which help take the weight when opening, again delivering delightfully smooth, controlled motion.

Open Access: Lift assist solutions are especially useful in the kind of upward opening flaps popular in kitchens. Especially overhead at the top of cabinets, flaps are a useful alternative to laterally hinged doors, helping to maximise the use of space.

We have taken this idea a step further with a range of lift assist stays for upwards opening flaps that also introduce unique motion designed to tuck an open flap out of the way and maximise access. Our ELAN range, for example, includes solutions that flip a flap up and over the top surface of a cabinet, up flush against a vertical surface above, or tuck it out of the way with a bi-fold mechanism. The ALT-3H, meanwhile, is an inset alternative which tucks the open flap inside the cabinet rather than above it.

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