Drawler Slides

Across industry, slides, glides and runners are used in everything from heavy duty transport systems for moving large loads to delicate moving parts in machinery. At Sugatsune, we make components to serve every purpose.

Compared to other motion-enabling components such as hinges, slides and runners are particularly susceptible to wear and tear. Movement is across relatively large distances, and if you think about a fully laden open drawer at the end of its run, the downward force is considerable.

This is where Sugatsune’s precision engineering heritage comes into its own. With equal attention paid to mechanical science, design, build quality and material choice, we take care of the smallest details to ensure every slide we manufacture runs sumptuously smooth over tens of thousands of cycles, even in the toughest conditions. Exactly the kind of reliability and longevity you need in industry.

We supply slides in a choice of full and ¾ extension. It’s a choice between carriage distance and load size – full extension slides provide better access by running the full length of the rails, but three quarter slides can take larger loads. Our longest slides are 700mm in total, with full extension products running all that way, three quarter slides stopping at 508mm.

All of our slides come with a disconnecting lever which makes it easy to remove the drawer (or any type of unit) from the rails. Most standard products feature positive stop and hold-in detent mechanisms which hold the drawer in the closed position until opened.

Premium slide solutions

Most drawers are opened with a simple pull. But our push-to-open slides use a specially designed detent mechanism that is released by pushing the front panel of the drawer inwards slightly. Highly popular with customers because they mean you don’t need to fit a handle on any drawer or slide-mounted unit, our patented push area expander (PAE) means users can push more or less anywhere on the panel to release the hold, rather than remembering to aim for a specific spot. And a pull protection device (PPD) guards the detent from damage caused by accidental pulling.

We also have a range of slides in all different sizes and extension types that deliver premium two-in-one motion – a self close glide mechanism that takes over the close motion to complete it from the lightest of touches, and a soft close catch that brings the slide to a smooth, controlled, silent stop, no matter how hard a drawer is pushed.

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