Handles, Pulls & Knobs

Sugatsune handles offer more than just something to hold onto. Browse our extensive range of handles, pulls and knobs and explore for yourself how our stylish designs and world-across engineering combine across four iconic brands. Open the door to new possibilities with Sugatsune.

Get a Handle on Quality

Handles, pulls and knobs need no introduction function wise. On doors and drawers, lids and flaps, cabinets and compartments – handles provide the grip to pull, push, lift or slide for access.

That means build quality matters. A handle may have force applied to it dozens of times a day, tens of thousands of times in its lifecycle. Fragile or poorly fitted components will soon wear or become loose.

At Sugatsune, we take pride in applying advanced precision engineering techniques to ensure every component we manufacture delivers unparalleled longevity. The majority of our handles, pulls and knobs are made from premium grade stainless steel for strength and tarnish-free durability.

Style to Pull You In

At Sugatsune, we understand that interior designers and cabinet makers have an eye on how even the most straightforward components look as well as function. Every part not only has a job to do. It’s also an opportunity to add a flourish, to complete a look.

Our extensive range of handles, pulls and knobs are designed and engineered down to the last minute detail to grab attention with style and finesse. Across our four brands, our aim is to offer a solution for every taste and situation, from unfussy and functional to elegantly sophisticated, from traditional throw-back styles to cutting edge contemporary.

Our brands

Zwei L

Tailor made for the most exclusive contemporary interiors, our ultra-premium Zwei L range elevates form and function to new levels. Not only are all Zwei L handles, knobs and pulls engineered from top grade SUS316 stainless steel, they are finished using artisan jewellery polishing techniques to create a ‘zwei lichter’ (‘dual light’) contrasting matt and mirrored effect.

From D-shaped bar handles to classical rounded knobs to embedded push knobs that sit perfectly flush with surfaces, our Zwei L range matches elegant proportion to those eye-catching finishes – guaranteed to add a luxurious touch to any modern interior.


Inspired by a traditional, rustic aesthetic, our PXB range includes timeless handle designs that offer a perfect complement to warm, homely interiors. With a healthy dose of burnished bronze added to a stainless steel alloy, PXB handles and knobs provide homespun character that works particularly well with timber.


Sugatsune is a company founded on a proud heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and artisanal excellence. With our Tamazusa range, we pay homage to that tradition with designs inspired by Shogun era art and artefacts. Classical elements like the Ryusui flowing water motif inspire the addition of delicate, subtle curves to modern designs, while the 24-carat gold plate finish on all Tamazusa products carries the wealth of ancient Japanese culture into any room.


TB Handles

Toughness, beauty, utility – or ‘Beautility’, as we like to style it – the TB Handles range was originally developed for industrial uses. But true to our ethos of never ignoring the aesthetic side of engineering design, TB Handles are as pleasing to the eye as they are durable and hard-wearing. With a strong focus on ergonomics, they are an ideal ‘more-than-functional’ option for commercial and public interiors.

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