Architectural Door Hardware

From decades of experience, we know that doors can be an obstacle to interior designers. Where doors are located is often dictated by the layout and dimensions of a room. Or else it takes major work to reposition them.

At Sugatsune, one of our defining purposes as a company is to create architectural solutions that deliver flexibility and convenience. As far as interior doors go, that means freeing designers from the usual limitations. It means opening up new possibilities for where doors are placed, how they function, how they add to the visual impact of a space.

Innovations in motion are at the very heart of our approach to architectural door hardware. From combined slide and pivot systems that reduce the clearance of swing doors to super easy partitions to discreet yet durable door dampers, our interior door hardware range is built to make you think differently about how doors open and close.

Architectural Door Hardware
Architectural Door Hardware
Architectural Door Hardware
Architectural Door Hardware

Space-Saving Swing Doors

A common issue with incorporating conventional swing doors into a room is the clearance distance needed for the door to open and close in its full arc. This restricts where the door can be located and is a particular issue in small areas where space is at a premium.

Our SKD rolling door system provides an innovative solution for full-length (up to 3000mm high) glass partitions and walk-in closet doors. A top-mounted rail that pivots as well as slides tucks the door out of the way as it opens, meaning it requires just a third of the clearance space of equivalent-sized swing doors.

Sliding Doors

A more familiar alternative to conventional swing doors, sliding doors have the benefit of requiring zero clearance space for opening and closing. They are also perfect then you want a space that alternates between being open and closed off, as there are no concerns about an open door getting in the way or swinging closed of its own accord.

Our FD sliding door range comes in standard and pocket varieties. Pocket sliding door systems ‘hide’ the open door in a recess built into the wall for seamless effect – when the door is fully open, it looks like a completely clear opening with no door at all.

All of our FD systems are built for durability, having passed 300,000 rigorous test cycles with maximum loads up to 80kg. But as always, we like to pair resilience with finesse. All FD products come with soft close dampers built into the roller mechanisms, minimising the effort required and delivering luxuriously smooth motion control. We also offer a full ‘self-close’ option for doors weighing up to 30kg, which takes over the opening and closing motion from the lightest of touches.

Partition systems

A true space-saving innovation, Sugatsune’s groundbreaking stackable partition systems radically simplify both installation and use.

Whereas conventional partitions have panels overlapping slightly on the same rails, our systems ‘stack’ panels flat against each other on a special stacking plate when opened. Each panel is slid onto the plate individually to open. This drastically reduces the depth of rail required, making it much simpler to install longer partitions to cover larger spaces.

For added convenience, our partition systems operate on a top rail only, with a magnetic guide at the bottom for stability. The precision engineered 2×2 quad rollers can hold panels weighing up to 40kg each and deliver super smooth motion with minimal effort required.

Door Dampers

Originally developed for cabinet doors, our award-winning Lapcon soft close technology is nowadays available for full-sized interior doors – including heavyweight architectural doors weighing up to 100kg. And because Lapcon rotary dampers are adjustable, you can set the perfect motion control for every size and weight of door.

Fitted with Lapcon, our LDD range delivers premium quality soft, silent close control for interior doors using a mechanism that ‘catches’ a door late in its swing. This avoids the need for a door closer arm that controls the motion of a door throughout its swing, making our LDD dampers much more discrete visually.

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