Wardrobe & Cabinet Door Hardware

Doors. They open and close by swinging through a 90-degree arc, right? So the conventional wisdom goes. But at Sugatsune, we’ve never allowed conventional wisdom to limit our thinking.

Wardrobe and Cabinet Door Hardware
Wardrobe and Cabinet Door Hardware
Wardrobe and Cabinet Door Hardware
Wardrobe and Cabinet Door Hardware
Wardrobe and Cabinet Door Hardware
Wardrobe and Cabinet Door Hardware

Whether it’s to save space, improve access, or just create a more pleasing aesthetic effect, there are many situations where cabinet makers and interior designers look for an alternative to the conventional swing out, swing in open and close motion of storage space doors. That’s where our range of innovative wardrobe and cabinet door hardware systems come in.

By applying a little lateral thinking to how cabinet doors function, we’ve introduced choice and flexibility to cupboard and closet doors, walk-in wardrobes, partitions and more.

Check out our full range to find your ‘sliding doors’ moment. And a lot more besides.

Flush Door Systems

Let’s face it, swing doors have a habit of getting in the way. They limit what you can place in front of a cabinet, and how close. They make tight spaces feel even more cramped. They just look untidy if left open.

Our MonoFlat Lin-X range is designed to address all of these issues. Most sliding doors rely on a rail or a track. But with a groundbreaking design that introduces multiple pivot points, the MonoFlat Lin-X delivers lateral opening with just a hinge. Easy to mount, the Lin-X hinge tucks an open cabinet door neatly away flush against an adjacent surface.

And as an added bonus, they are completely concealed when the door is closed. Oh, and did we mention the Lapcon dampers for premium soft close motion control?

Multiple Motion Door Systems

Another innovative riff on the sliding door concept, the Sugatsune MultiMo FLAT system is designed specifically for multiple adjacent cabinets. Instead of a door in a fixed position for each cabinet, MultiMo FLAT allows doors to slide fluidly into any ‘slot’. The idea is to speed up and increase access. For example, if you are not sure which cabinet something you are looking for is in, the FLAT system allows you to open multiple doors in one go, rather than individually.

Available for both wooden and glass cabinets, the MultiMo FLAT system features tracks with built-in dampers for smooth motion control. A maximum panel depth of 84mm (80mm for wood) makes it an ideal solution for shallow cabinets, while the modular track system makes it easy to add extra doors/cabinets on demand.

Pocket Doors for Cabinets

In architecture, pocket doors are interior sliding door systems which involve opened doors sliding out of sight into recesses in the wall. They are prized for being neat and tidy, and offering the choices of either a vacant opening or a closed door – not both at the same time, with a large door visible next to the aperture as with conventional sliding doors.

We set out to deliver the same benefits to cabinet makers and installers. Of course, not every cabinet has an adjacent wall you can build a recess into – and that would make installation hard work, too. Our solution? To tuck open cabinet doors away inside the cabinet, through a combination of conventional concealed hinges and slide systems mounted to the interior side panel of the cabinet.

With cabinet pocket systems available for doors ranging in height from 820mm to 2400mm, we offer solutions suitable for everything from TV or computer monitor cabinets to full-length wardrobes and partitions. We also have folding pocket door systems for wider openings, all with the benefit of simple clip-on mounting.

Sliding Doors

We manufacture a complete sliding door system for glass cabinets, the XL-GC. Suitable for glass doors up to 500x1200mm in size and weighing up to 12kg, it features upper and lower rails with corresponding rollers, guides, brackets and locks.

We also offer over-travel systems for wooden and mirrored doors for small cabinet doors up to 900mm in height and weighing up to 5kg. Over travel means doors can slide the full extension of the track for maximum accessibility.

Folding Door Systems

For a premium folding door experience, our SFD series does away with the slide rails found on most sliding doors. Instead, it makes use of side-mounted concealed hinges and central bi-fold hinges, drastically simplifying installation and achieving a pristine look. A central soft close stay controls the opening and close motion.

Alternatively, our KF28 series combines top and bottom rails with concealed hinges mounted on a single side panel, to allow bi-fold opening in a single direction. The FD30 system, meanwhile, operates using rails only, and can be set up for either uni-directional or bi-fold opening.

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