The key to a great lock? Strength and security, precision and craftsmanship. A robust lock has to be tough enough to resist being forced, and cunning enough in its design to avoid being picked.

Led by our world-class design and engineering teams, Sugatsune lockmaking is steeped in the finest traditions of the craft. We take meticulous steps to guarantee that every lock we sell is dependable, long-lasting and provides the assurance customers expect.

But alongside tradition and trust, our values as a company include innovation, choice and style. So we’re not content producing locks that are great just in function. We design locks to fit with or add to a visual design scheme. We design locks to give our customers a viable solution in every circumstance. We design locks to solve problems and break new ground in convenience and reliability.

Our Locks

Looking for a lock to suit a specific purpose? Here’s a quick guide to what we offer:

Cabinet locks: Small footprint locks for interior cabinets, drawers, chests, cupboards, wardrobes, office furniture, partition doors, display cases and bureaus. Our cabinet lock range includes a broad range of cylinder deadlocks suitable for both wood and metal. For added convenience, many of our cabinet locks are designed for flexible mounting on either doors or drawers.

Glass door locks: For glass display cases, we offer secure locks with a heavy emphasis on style. Both our XL-GC and GS-G ranges of glass showcase hardware include locks designed with a minimal footprint and tasteful matching finishes. The high security Super Rim lock is an enhanced deadlock perfect for securing high value luxury items behind glass, featuring copy-resistant dimpled key design. And for the next generation in innovation and convenience, the Excelock swaps keys for a RFID scanner system.


Push locks: Sliding door locks that work using a cylinder that pushes in and out to attach to a counter plate. We offer push locks suitable for glass, wood and metal sheet doors

Cam locks: Straightforward, easy-to-install all-purpose cabinet locks that operate with a simple rotating latch or cam. Small in size, we produce reinforced versions that are ideal for things like ATMs and vending machines.

Central locking systems: Ideal for chests of drawers and multi-door display cabinets, these systems allow you to operate multiple locks from a single keyhole.

Browse our ‘Other Locks’ catalogue pages to discover combination locks for cabinet doors, high security padlocks, laptop security locks, locking latches for storage boxes and more.


Convenience v Security

While security and reliability are the top priorities with all of our locks, we believe it’s important to take usability into account, too. Locks should prevent unauthorised access – not make life difficult for anyone who does need access!

Across our lock range, we strive to balance security with convenience in a variety of different ways. Fed up of having to fumble through a large fob of keys to find the right one? Our Key Alike systems make life easier when you have multiple locks in close proximity, allowing you to use just a single key.

What about when a key is misplaced, or you are concerned about a potential security breach? Replacing locks can be a time-consuming task. Our Million Lock series flips this around by allowing ‘rekeying’, or the changing of the tumbler pattern inside the locks. Instead of replacing the entire lock, you just get a new key cut. And with a million rekeying patterns available, you’ll never run out of options.

Alternatively, our Interchangeable Lock series allows the cylinders that contain the tumblers inside a lock to be replaced quickly and easily – the benefits of a brand new lock, without having to reinstall one from scratch.

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