For hooks you can (literally) hang your hat on, look no further than Sugatsune. With one of the largest ranges of hooks available on the market, we don’t just settle for offering solutions to fit every purpose.

For us, premium quality and reliability are non-negotiables. Even for the smallest components.

Let Us Hook You Up

With hundreds of different hooks to choose from, our aim is to make sure you never have to go hunting around to find the right hook. Call us your one-stop-shop for every hook you could ever need.

As well as standard hooks in dozens of different sizes, styles, colours and designs, we also manufacture different types of hook for specific purposes or with additional functionality. Need a hanger that items won’t fall off, for example? Try a safe and secure latch hook.

Or perhaps you want a hook that won’t get in the way or potentially catch on people or objects when not in use? Check out our recessed hooks, which fold neatly and discreetly out of the way when nothing is hanging from them.

With so many options to choose from, we have hooks to suit every location and every need, be it cloakrooms, changing rooms, offices, kitchens, bars, pubs or restaurants. We also make dedicated solutions for bathrooms such as towel bars and paper holders.

Quality Without Compromise

Hooks might not be the first thing you notice when you walk into a bathroom or changing room. They might be low down the list of priorities for kitting out a living space. But one thing is for sure. Hooks are the kind of thing you miss when they are not there.

At Sugatsune, we believe that the key to great interior design is to match functionality with style. Little touches like hooks and hangers in the right places add to the utility of a space. But in our view, they should also add to the aesthetic quality of the design. And certainly not take anything away from it.

That’s why we are 100% committed to manufacturing hooks that look as good as they function. We select only the most robust and durable materials – high grade stainless steel, aluminium, resin, wood, brass – and use them to manufacture tasteful, eye-catching products in a wide range of styles, from classical to modern.

We produce hooks as part of our signature brand ranges, including Zwei L, our ultra-premium marque that uses artisan polishing techniques as part of a sophisticated contemporary aesthetic, and PXB, which offers components to suit a wide range of design themes.

Overall, while hooks might be small, they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. With our customary attention to detail, every hook we sell is built to the most exacting quality standards, guaranteeing reliability, durability and world-class design.

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