Sugatsune Digital Showroom Turns Heads at Interzum 2021

Another year, another Interzum trade show completed. This year’s event was very different to previous years as, for the first time, it took place entirely online.

All the same, as previewed in our last newsletter, it was another successful show for Sugatsune, with our EXCELOCK contactless electronic lock system and AZ-AT touchless waste disposal lids singled out to receive High Quality Awards.

One of the reasons we love attending trade shows like Interzum is that it gives us the opportunity to meet with customers, provide demonstrations of our products and explain the design concepts which make so much of our range unique.

This is something that really does work best in person. But determined to provide the best digital experience possible in place of this, we launched a brand new digital showroom. Judging by the high traffic we had throughout the four-day event and the positive feedback we got for a number of our product ranges, visitors appreciated our efforts.

AZ-AT and the EXCELOCK were the two Sugatsune's products awarded at the 2021 Interzum

The MFU flush sliding door system and LIN-X hinge series during the exhibition

Two of our ranges that attracted particular attention in our digital showroom were our groundbreaking lateral opening concepts, the MFU flush sliding door system and LIN-X hinge series.

The MFU 1200

Interzum 2021 actually marked the launch of a new product in the MFU range, the MFU 1200. Like its sister products, the MFU 1200 is a ‘push in’ sliding door solution, which tucks the opening panel out of sight behind a wall or other surface, rather than the more conventional lateral opening position in front.

The MFU 1200 is designed for larger doors weighing up to 70kg, significantly extending potential use cases for the ‘push in’ concept. Despite the load increase, it still only requires a single sliding track at the top, keeping installation simple and straightforward. We have also added a two-way damper to the MFU 1200, delivering deluxe soft control whether the door is being slid open or closed and hardware is available in white and black to match any design or trend.

The feedback we got at Interzum 2021 about the MFU concept was that people love the idea of having sliding doors completely out of sight when open, and virtually indiscernible from the surrounding surfaces when closed. One great thing about the push-in motion is that you don’t need any sort of handle, making it perfect for hidden doors and partitions – you just have to press and slide.

The LIN-X Series

LIN-X hinges provide trackless lateral opening which, compared to conventional sliding systems, makes for even easier installation. It also saves space and ensures door panels sit flush with adjacent walls or panels in both the open and close positions.

LIN-X hinges function with a ‘push out’ motion, which means the door pivots outwards and then across to slide in front of an adjacent surface. With a soft close damper to provide smooth, controlled motion in both directions, another stand-out characteristic of the LIN-X range is that hinges are available for everything from small cabinets to full-length doors weighing in excess of 90kg, overcoming the load-bearing restrictions that lateral opening hinges have conventionally faced.

The GS-G Series

Another range that attracted rave reviews from our Interzum digital delegates was our GS-G glass showcase fittings series.

Whether used for retail, exhibitions or private collections, display cases are all about showing off their contents in the best possible light. We’ve always been of the opinion that the little details make all the difference when it comes to aesthetic appeal, and from what we heard at Interzum, customers wholeheartedly agree!

They loved the fact that hinges, brackets and locks available as part of the GS-G series are all perfectly coordinated in a range of premium finishes, with products suitable for glass doors ranging from 5kg to 50kg and the added attraction of super easy installation, with positioning adjustments possible after hinges and brackets have been hung.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you at our Showroom

The success of the digital showroom at Interzum 2021 has inspired us to give our physical UK showroom at Winnersh Triangle, Reading a similar revamp. With COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease, we’re looking forward to welcoming more customers to our headquarters to get the full Sugatsune experience and learn about our product ranges in person.

The new showroom has been fitted out in five main areas – kitchen, living room and wardrobe solutions, shopfitting and general products (covering a broad selection of catches, latches, handles, pulls, knobs and more).

Opening hours are 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. We would love to welcome you to come and see what we have to offer and connect with our team in person once again after all this time – although we request that all visits be arranged by prior appointment for the time being.

To book your visit, contact us at 01189272 955

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