How torque hinges can really hold things together

HG-TU Hidden friction hinge. If you have equipment cabinets in municipal spaces this hidden hinge is safe inside away from the villains.
HG-TQA One way friction hinge - lids lift without resistance but are held aloft by friction until gently pushed down.
A shiny friction hinge like the HG-TS made from polished 304 stainless steel can be useful when the hinge is a visible part of the design
The HG-SMFH friction hinge - very small but still plenty of torque

The torque hinges

A swivel hinge is the sort of thing you only need once in a while, but when you do knowing that Sugatsune make them is a reassurance. The HG-S does more than just swivel – it’s a friction hinge too, part of Sugatsunes “Motion Design Tec” philosophy. Imagine you have to fix a digital display screen to the top of a running machine so that it can be rotated and viewed from any angle. The HG-S is the hinge to do the job. The torque feature will keep it in place no matter how hard the victim is pounding away.

A friction hinge should keep a door in place wherever it is left, even in the presence of movement or vibration.  The health and safety advantages for inspection panels on machinery are clear and they can make life much easier for single handed operation.

In a public space friction hinges are just as essential but a hinge which is visible from the exterior is vulnerable to attack from undesirables. A hidden torque hinge like the HG-TU cannot be seen when the door is closed keeping it, and your installation, safe from attack.

Constant torque friction hinges are great when there’s a lot of movement or vibration but when you have say a heavy lid they add significantly to the effort of lifting the lid. A one way torque hinge like the HG-TQA has torque in one direction only. So when lifting the lid there is no resistance but the lid will stay in place where you leave it – so long as gravity is behaving itself.

Also available in small sizes

Friction hinges come in all sizes but Sugatsune has recently introduced a tiddler – the HG-SMFH with two torque ratings. It is, as you’d expect, beautifully made and it’s diminutive size makes it useful for much smaller flaps panels and doors.

The torque moment of a friction hinge is attributed to two surfaces rubbing together generating friction to limit movement. The tolerances are very fine not only to give the desired torque but also to remain reliable in operation. Sugatsune runs extensive tests on all of it’s motion control hardware so you can be sure that it will not let you down. All of the above hinges are made from corrosion resistant materials: stainless steel, aluminium and polyacetal.  

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