Parallel Motion Flush Door Is Clip-Mountable Like A Concealed Hinge

LIN-X ‘Out-and-to-the-side’ motion saves space and keeps out of the way when open
Easy to fit and mount using standard concealed hinge clip mounting plates
Ideal for confined spaces, blind corners or outside corners.

The LIN-X hinge is an innovative new parallel opening door mechanism which looks great when it opens smoothly out and to the side and has many advantages over conventional swing doors and sliding doors. The space saving design is ideal for hanging cabinets where there is always a danger of banging your head or floor cabinets where the gangway can get blocked by normal swing doors.

When closed the mechanism is hidden and the cabinet looks like any other, when open the LIN-X occupies very little space positioned over the adjacent cupboard door or wall. This gives clear and unobstructed access to the inside of the cupboard which is a neat feature in a double door installation such as would be used with a flat screen TV.

Thanks to the ‘out and to the side’ motion LIN-X flush doors can have a gap as little as 2mm even with double door installations where the doors can be opened independently. On top of this the design allows for the installation of doors on inside ‘blind’ corners, for example in an ‘L’ shaped kitchen or on the outside corners of a cabinet such as on a kitchen island.

Unlike some solutions the LIN-X is robust and can be opened from any position and handles can be placed anywhere on the door.

The doors are damped but move freely and can be stopped at any point in their travel except for the last few degrees where soft-closing takes place.

Some similar systems require ugly and inconvenient external fixings to the cabinet whilst the LIN-X system is internally mounted in the cabinet using the same mounting plate as a conventional concealed hinge. The similarity with concealed hinges continues with the clip mountable/clip demountable installation which is now familiar to all cabinet makers and makes it very easy to install.

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