The GS-G Series Glass Showcase Fittings

There’s nowhere to hide with glass showcases. And that’s entirely the point. Whatever it is you want to put on display, you want the clearest possible view.

You also want everything – the cabinet included – to look great. That, again, is the point. Whether it’s a retail display or an art or museum exhibit or a trophy cabinet in your home, the very fact that you are putting things on show behind glass means you want to draw the eye. You want to create a certain visual appeal.

That means the cabinet itself has to pull its weight. A great-looking display starts with a great-looking case. Easy enough, you might think. After all, glass is glass.

But it’s with the different components used to put the glass panels together – hinges, brackets, locks – that things can become tricky for designers. With locks and hinges in particular, most manufacturers have traditionally focused on making one or the other. That makes it hard to match styles.

We know that’s a major bugbear interior designers have with architectural and furnishing components full stop. But if you’re installing a glass cabinet and you can’t find hinges and locks that match, it can be infuriating. There’s no hiding the differences behind glass. Everything is on display

Building on innovation

Our own market research highlighted just how much demand there is amongst designers for end-to-end, stylistically consistent glass component ranges. That inspired us to bring a solution to market. The fact that our world-class engineering team includes expert locksmiths as well as specialists in hinge mechanism design put us in a unique position to do so.

Our XL series was a market first – a complete range of glass showcase fittings, locks and hinges included, boasting total design coordination.

This was a major innovation in the glass hardware industry, empowering cabinet makers to achieve premium quality, consistent finishes with ease. But the XL range was just the start of the journey.

While the XL series was designed with small to medium sized display cabinets in mind, our follow up GS-G series was developed to offer a complete solution for all glass installations. With a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic, the GS-G range includes hinges, mounting brackets, locks and, for added safety and convenience, doorstops. All are characterised by a slimline, flush-to-the-surface profile, elegantly compact rectangular designs, and premium finishes in a choice of chrome, gold or black.

The key distinguishing feature of the GS-G series is the fact that it offers components for such a large range of different cabinet types. In terms of size, hinges range from the GS-GH5, suitable for doors up to 900mm x 600mm with glass thickness of 5-6mm, all the way up to the GS-GH50, which can hold full length doors up to 2.5m in height with glass thickness of up to 12.7mm. That provides solutions for walk-in display cabinets of the kind found in shop windows and museums.

The GS-GL5 Lock has high security "Million Keys"
The GS-GL5 Lock has high security "Million Keys"

For each size of hinge, we recommend matching brackets and locks. So because GS-GH50 hinges are larger than the GS-GH5 and other models, you can pair them with locks and brackets of the same size for a premium finish. But at the same time, even if you have, say, walk-in display cases alongside smaller cabinets, the matching aesthetic of all GS-G components guarantees pleasing consistency in style across all.

Our glass cabinet locks are available in cylinder and cam lock types. All require just a single drilled round hole for mounting, making installation quick and simple. We offer locks for single and double swing doors, and several of our glass cabinet locks are part of our Million Lock series, which allows you to use a single key to lock and unlock multiple cabinets for ultimate convenience.

By specifying the same key number among items in the Total Lock Series, multiple showcases and furniture can be locked with the same key.

Adapt and thrive

As well as dedicated ranges for glass hardware, we also manufacture specially designed adapters that allow some of our best-selling door components to be fitted to glass. This includes our ground-breaking HES3D concealed hinge, which reimagines that standard pivot-arm concealed hinge design with a much more compact, sleek design.

While many glass door adapters for cabinet hinges require large mounting plates that can look pretty obtrusive on glass, our HES3D adapters maintain the benefits of the slimline original design with a long, narrow plate installed in portrait orientation.

Our HES3D adapters are joined by similar products for our damper-fitted soft close Olympia and J95 concealed hinges. While the GS-G range is perfect in commercial settings where all-glass display cabinets are common, glass tends to be used more sparingly in homes, and often with glass doors fitted to wooden cabinets. Our concealed hinge adapters are ideal for this kind of hybrid mounting, and when the same hinges can be used for all cabinet types across the home, you again get that magical benefit all designers appreciate – consistency.

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