Mirror finish stainless steel butt hinges still get specified for a number of reasons.

LSB-40 Hinge
The LSB-100 and LSB-40
The LSB-100 and LSB-40 Mirror Polished 304 Stainless Steel Butt Hinges
The MC-JM63G hermetically sealed strong magnetic catch
The MC-JM63G hermetically sealed strong magnetic catch
MC-JM49 magnetised 316 stainless steel counterplate
MC-JM49 magnetised 316 stainless steel counterplate

Stainless steel butt Hinges ahve their natural corrosion resistance keeps them functional in damp or corrosive atmospheres.

304 stainless steel is over 300 times more resistant to rust than galvanised mild steel. They are tough too – Stainless steels are up to 30% stronger than mild steels of similar thickness. Whilst there is something uplifting about the glint of brightwork on a wooden boat, polished stainless steel is also finding its way into the home. Bathroom and kitchen designers use these for inset doors where they can be quite a feature.

Butt hinges are the simplest of hinges and are still widely used in traditionally built joinery and architectural doors. The LSB range delight the eye and are made to the expected high standards of fit and finish in Japan.

The MC-JM63G plastic encapsulated magnetic catch

Magnetic Catches are simple and effective ways of keeping doors and lids shut. Very often the metal parts are exposed to maximise performance which is fine if you’re not working in a clean room or corrosive environment.

For the rest of us the MC-JM63G may fit the bill. A Neodymium magnet provides a powerful attractive force, even through the hermetically sealed polyacetal plastic casing. It can be combined with the MC-JM49 316 polished stainless steel magnetised counterplate for a complete marine solution. For cleanroom use, the hermetically sealed MC-JMP45 may fit better.

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