A synergy from Sugatsune

Sometimes products support each other, the qualities of one going to enhance the other. Such a synergistic relationship exists between Sugatsune’s soft down stays and their hinges for drop down flap doors.

The CSD-10-TV (the TV stands for televisual) is a miniature soft down stay for small flap doors. It will lower a flap with that pleasing robotic motion we all love. Ideal for a cabinet with low height audio visual equipment in it.

The CSD-10-TV is a highly compact soft down stay ideal for smaller cabinet flap doors.

It needs to be partnered with a hinge but as the dropped down flap often doubles as a temporary work surface a standard concealed hinge will get in the way, both visually and because the knuckle or joint will not be flush to the work surface

The SDH-P fully adjustable drop hinge
The SDH-P fully adjustable drop hinge

Sugatsune calls its solution to this problem a drop hinge and the latest version is called the SDH-P, perfectly suited for life with the CSD-10-TV. First, it looks good with a nickel finish, slightly less assertive than chrome and warmer than stainless steel. It is an overlay hinge which only requires 3mm clearance below to open so a clean flush look can be achieved. It is of course fully three way adjustable for perfect fit. It can be supplied with plastic cover caps in black, white or nickel finishes.

Another partner for the SDH-P is the HDS-10S. The original HDS-10 soft-down stay is a long term success story for Sugatsune and it has recently been enhanced with the addition of a self closing feature – the HDS-10S. So flap doors, which can sometimes need a bit of heft to lift back up, will now silently self close with just a gentle lift.


It is these sort of refinements are important to the end user, lending sophistication and drama to your projects and adding the ‘wow’ factor that can make all the difference.

If you’d like to know more about any of these products do give our customer services team a ring and they will be pleased to discuss them with you

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