Lifting the lid on sagging gas struts

The problem with gas struts
The HG-PA, solid lift-assist in the form of a hinge.
The HG-PA230 is designed for internal mounting
Whilst the HG-PA200 has a plastic cover for surface mounting.
The S-ATW, double the lift of the standard S-AT - can you see how they did that?

 Lift assist stays with a reliable springs

Opening an old hatchback on one of the first cold mornings of Autumn will remind you of one of the less endearing features of a gas strut. We all know that things shrink when they get cold and gas is no exception. In cold weather the nitrogen in gas struts loses it’s spring and the tailgate can feel heavier than it should or even be completely ineffective. For the average motorist this is an inconvenience but in an industrial or scientific application it is completely unacceptable.

Gas struts rely upon highly stressed valves and fluids to remain in operation and with time these inevitably fail. Usually it’s a gradual process allowing the operator time to replace the defective part but it can also lead to catastrophic failure.

Failure and catastrophe are things that the Japanese go to extraordinary lengths to avoid so when designing lift assist mechanisms for flap doors Sugatsune has chosen to employ reliable springs and good engineering.

S-AT and S-ATW  the “Free Stop” stays

The S-AT is similar in concept to a gas strut in that it is separate to the hinge and provides lift. Unlike a gas strut it has a tapered force so that it is strongest near closure, where you want it to be. The force applies from 10º to 80º so that the lid will close securely and won’t be pushed beyond the perpendicular. It can also be stopped anywhere on it’s travel, a feature Sugatsune call ‘Free Stop’.

You don’t need a degree in hydrodynamics to fit it either, you just choose the torque value that fits your application and screw it into place. For heavier doors multiple units can be used or the S-ATW, a double unit, can be fitted. Have a look at a video here.

HG-PA lift assit and soft-close actions

The HG-PA combines the lift assist function with a soft-close hinge which works very well in compact installations or machinery. It offers three levels of torque and can be had either as an internally mounted unit, the HG-PA230 or with a sleek plastic housing for surface mounting, the HG-PA200.

The HG-PA200 flap will free stop between 15º and 90º and free swing from 90º-100º with a maximum opening angle of 100º. For the HG-PA230, the maximum opening angle is 80º with free stop between 15º and 80º and soft-closing from 15º.

They are designed to be used in pairs but three or even four could be installed in particular cases

The S-AT and HG-PA in action

Both the S-AT and the HG-PA series are manufactured from stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials to cope with harsh industrial environments. Their performance remains consistent between 0º and 40º centigrade and unlike a gas strut will remain consistent throughout their service life.

Sugatsune always designs for the best possible solution to an engineering

brief and when it comes to lift assist, it turns out springs and levers are the way to go.

You’ll find a wide range of motion control mechanisms for every conceivable hatch, flap, hood and door in the Sugatsune catalogue, why not give us a ring and we’ll send you one.


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