Hinges, some hidden treasures from Sugatsune

The J95, same functionality but greater load bearing capacity than a conventional concealed hinge.
A concealed adjustable hinge like the HES3D-120 is plenty load bearing and can be adjusted on three axes
The HES3D-120 is part of a range of adjustable concealed hinges for medium to large doors.
The LIN-X is a lateral opening door syestem that snap-fits to standard concealed hinge brackets. The new LIN-X600 is designed for larger doors.
Apart from it's space-saving features the LIN-X is excellent in difficult blind corners, or even on outside corners.
The ML-120 push-to-open catch is used with flush doors where no knob or handle is required

Different hinges for different solutions

Concealed hinges are ubiquitous fare in any domestic cabinetry. They’re inexpensive, quick to install and allow for overlay or inset installations. If they have a shortcoming it would be that they struggle with the larger doors that are becoming popular in modern and bespoke kitchens and bathrooms.

The traditional fix for larger doors is to attach more hinges, which works up to a point but the top hinge will always take more than it’s fair share of the load leading to early failure.

The J95 concealed hinge finally resolves the problem of heavier wardrobe doors. In a photograph it looks like any other concealed hinge but in the hand it is clearly more substantial. The castings are heavier, the overall dimensions are greater. Just two hinges can support a door up to 800mm wide and weighing up to 25kgs. The hinge is fitted into a 40mm diameter hole giving better grip than the standard 35mm.

The HES3D series and LIN-X Series

Adjustable concealed hinges are another way of fitting heavier doors. Hinges like the HES3D-120 can take the load and they can be adjusted on three axes for a perfect finish. They are fitted into routs in the frame and door and because of a seven link articulation the door can be opened a full 180º. They look a lot classier than a standard concealed hinge too. The HES3D-120 is the smallest in a range of adjustable concealed hinges the largest of which, the HES-3D190 is capable of supporting doors up to 90kgs with three hinges.

Using the HES3D range the same design of hinge can be carried through all of the doors in a development.

Sometimes a conventional swing door is not what’s required, space or aesthetic considerations may mean that a sliding door is indicated. Sliding doors have their place but they lack the simple charm and easy fitting of a concealed hinge. The LIN-X mechanism gives a lateral opening motion with soft-closing. The doors open out and to the side giving unrestricted access to the interior of the cabinet. Amazingly the LIN-X will fit to standard concealed hinge mounting plates so they can be fitted and removed with a snap. The new LIN-X600 is designed for doors measuring up to 650mm, it compliments the existing LIN-X450 for smaller doors from 400mm.

The LIN-X system opens up interesting possibilties for outside and inside blind corners as well as being the perfect solution for galley kitchens and wheelchair access.

All of the above solutions can be flush mounted where the doors are actioned by a push-to-open catch such as the long throw ML-120. Magnets keep the door closed and a spring pushes the catch open when released by a gentle push.

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