How do you choose a motion control stay?

Damping mechanisms in storage units with swing doors are now standard fare but those with but lids and flaps, which are more susceptible to banging shut, require a bit more thought.

Where will it be?

When specifying a stay bear in mind that they are designed with a particular location in mind: overhead, mid height or floor level and with a view to what is around them.

What’s around it?

In small spaces a bi-folding or parallel opening mechanism can make life easier and where there is also reduced height above, “up and over” or “swing down” style motions make a difference.
Do you need lift assist?
With overhead or heavy doors lift assist can be essential particularly when used by the frail or elderly. Sugatsune designs are increasingly becoming available with this feature and some of them are also ‘free stop’ which means that the door will stay in the position it is left in. Very handy for height challenged individuals operating overhead cupboards!

What’s the torque?

When specifying motion control you will need to work out how much torque the lid or flap will exert. This is a simple calculation, multiply the weight of the panel by its height and then multiply by 0.5. This will give you Kilograms force per centimetre or kgf/cm. You’ll see this figure used in the product documentation.

There is a handy torque calculator on our website which many of our customers use to help them decide which stays to purchase.

The HBF-Elan is an up opening bi-folding door system with the added refinements of lift-assist, soft-close and free-stop. It 's practical in cramped conditions needing little space above or in front.

Sugatsune introduced motion control stays to the West more than 35 years ago and continues to develop ever more sophisticated devices. Unlike many manufacturers that concentrate on the kitchen, Sugatsune’s vision is broader with many of it’s designs being used elsewhere in the home. They also sell widely to the scientific and industrial sectors where their motion control devices enhance operator safety or utility. The aim is to have a mechanism for every possible situation.

Sugastune’s customer services team will be able to answer any questions about the wide range of motion control stays available¬†including walking you through a torque calculation if you don’t fancy doing it yourself. Just give them a ring or email through details of your project for recommendations

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