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The evolution of the concealed hinge

The restless technologists at Sugatsune sometimes produce revolutionary products, soft close technology for example but much of their time is spent evolving existing products. Sugatsune listens to it’s customers and makes products that closely fit their needs. Take the concealed hinge, a commodity throughout the industry and hard to improve upon. But the fashion for larger doors puts an intolerable strain on concealed hinges designed for doors weighing no more than 5-10kgs and no wider than 600mm. Multiplying the number of hinges used can help but the top hinge is always over stressed.

The J95 Hinge looks and works like a standard concealed hinge but it is bigger and capable of supporting a 25kg door with just two hinges. It is familiar in use for fitters and solves the problem of fitting larger doors. It has been a huge success for Sugatsune and now it is available for glass doors as the J95-G

The J-95G combines a standard J95 hinge with a cast chromed faceplate which has a clean look and allows the hinge to be used with large glass doors, ideal for retail display. With just two hinges the door can be up to 800mm wide and can weigh up to 25kgs.

One very simple change you can make to an existing product is to change it’s colour. Sugatsune’s black range includes many fittings used in retail and hospitality spaces. The shift to the dark side can bring surprising glamour to these fittings.

The GH-34-0 is a glass display cabinet door hinge, usually provided with a chrome finish, in matt black it looks highly sophisticated. You can see it in situ in the picture above where it allows the products displayed to take centre stage

Combined with the GH-34-0 this glass door lock completes the look. It’s also in matt black and offers the standard of security expected of most showcases. The 1310GL also has a dimple key lock which ramps up the security having 2,000,000 key changes.

The AP-DM is a low profile surface mounted shelf standard made from black anodised aluminium. In a dark interior it has very low visual impact, installed against white it makes a great statement.

We have an excellent customer services team who are keen to explain how Sugatsune fittings can make your life easier and your projects shine.

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