Torque your way out of detention…

HG-MPS2 Detent Hinge - a series of detents holds the door accurately in position
HG-MF Torque Hinges allow the door to be moved to any position where it will hold.
HG-JHM9 soft-closing solution for smaller upward opening flap doors
A chunky detent hinge with an ergonomic shape, the HG-CSH63 also has the option of soft-closing

Torque hinges a good solution

Instrument panels, hatches and control interfaces often need little flappy doors to protect them from dust, splashing chemicals and general abuse. But how to control the doors so that they don’t get in the way or keep shut when required? A torque or detent hinge would be the solution of choice these days where a stay may have done in the past. Sugatsune manufactures hinges which control the movement of practically any panel, hatch or door imaginable, widely used in the technical industries.

Obviously a large industrial torque hinge is going to be overkill for a door that is likely to be raised with a spare finger so these new additions from Sugatsune will be well received by technical users.

There are three different styles, continuous torque hinges where the door can be positioned wherever like the HG-MF, or detent hinges like the HG-MPS2 where the hinge clicks satisfyingly into pre ordained position and a soft closing solution where the flap is slowly and quietly closed as with the HG-JHM9

The HG-MF and HG-MPS2

Which one suits will depend upon the application. The HG-MF and HG-MPS2 are little hinges in black or white plastic which will work with tiny and medium sized doors. They both offer torque in either 1.5kgf/cm or 2.5 kgf/cm which is enough to control modestly sized hatches and doors and they weigh only a few grams. You just have to choose between torque or detent.

Another arrival is a smaller version of the HG-JHM16, the HG-JHM9, a soft closing hinge for smaller flap doors which is mounted on the side of the carcass rather than the back. The torque of between 0.5 and 0.8kgf/cm is just right for flap doors on control equipment or inspection panels and will give a smooth and silent close.

These hinges are the little brothers of Sugatsune’s broader range of motion control hinges which represents a comprehensive approach to managing the movement of flaps and doors. It includes hybrid hinges like the HG-CSH63, a tough detent hinge with the option of soft-closing too

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