Lifting the Lid on Motion Control

The HG-PA200 comes with a cover for easy cleaning and snag free operation
The HG-PA230 is mounted inside the lid
Double the power, the S-AT02-W is the choice for serious lift assist.
Lift-assist makes process and manufacturing machinery easier and safer to use.
The HG-JHW heavy duty damped hinge will soft close larger lids and flaps.

Lift Assist and Sugatsune

Lift-up lids and hatches are challenged by gravity, unlike a conventional door where the weight of the door is carried by the hinges, flaps require the user to lift their entire weight when opening. Not an issue for a jewel box but in an industrial environment some lids require a bit of heft to get them up.

This is not just a bore for users, it affects productivity and health and safety. If excess effort is required to operate machinery then control will be reduced and processes will not run so smoothly. Sugatsune likes smooth.

The Japanese company’s love affair with motion control grew out of it’s interests in the furniture industry where controlling the motion of doors and flaps was really about a lifestyle choice. But it’s clear that using the same kinds of technology: hydraulic dampers and powerful springs, yields benefits for the industrial user too.

The HG-PA range

Take the HG-PA range of lift assist hinges, a new concept in integrated motion control. They offer powerful lift assist with a free stop feature that allows the user to leave the lid open at any angle. They also soft-close, giving as much control over a doors movement as any passive system can these days.

The HG-PA200 is designed for surface mounting to the exterior of the cabinet. A plastic cover prevents snagging and makes for easy cleaning. It has an operating angle of 90º and three torque variants giving a possible torque range of 145~268 kgf/cm per unit.

The HG-PA230 is for internal mounting and gives two optional opening angles of 55º and 80º or without the included stopper plate up to 140º It has the same torque performance as the HG-PA200 and like it’s sibling has a useful operational temperature range of 0º to 40º.

Both of these hinges are ideal for installation on industrial and process machinery from centrifuges to fume hoods.


Where a serious amount of lift assist is required a stay like the S-AT-W may be required. It can be mounted underneath a lid attached to the side of the cabinet either singly or in pairs. It also has a free stop feature, so much easier to use than a device that won’t stop opening once you start it, with the S-AT02W you remain in control. Keen observers of Sugatsune’s product line will notice that it bears a strong resemblance to the S-AT from which it was developed, essentially offering twice the lift of the original unit.

For process equipment in any industry a softer close for lids and hoods is always desirable. The HG-JHW offers heavy duty soft-closing for larger flaps with two rotary dampers integrated into the hinge. The damping can work in either the opening or closing phase.

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