Our concealed hinge, why you won’t want to hide it

A good looking hinge
Easy to install
Final adjustments

Afully adjustable concealed hinge you’ll want to show off

Those with a good visual sense – architects designers and the like, are strongly attracted to the looks of these highly practical hinges – odd really, as they are concealed hinges: intended to be discreet and out of sight when not in use.

From the Architect’s point of view a concealed hinge like the HES-3D is great, it’s invisible when the door is closed, so that the original concept is executed without the visual interruption of twiddly bits of hardware. The gaps between the door and the wall can also be relied on to be true, straight and even because the HES-3D has three axis adjustment after installation. This fine tuning makes all the difference for installations where it just has to be perfect. It also means that where a flush door is to be installed, be it for a hidden cupboard or a cool room divider, the HES3D is the hardware of choice.

The door can be opened a full 180° keeping it out of the way when necessary. The hinge is on view when the door is open, it’s discreet styling in either silver or gold adding a pleasing visual accent. Closer examination will reveal removable panels covering the hex bolts used for adjustment.

Installation is easy too, not just because of the adjustability but because the hinge comes in two parts which are installed in the door and the frame. The door is manouvred into position and then just snaps into place. Minor adjustments can then be made.

The HES3D range

The HES-3d is currently available in two variants, the HES3d-190 recommended for use in doors up to 60kgs per pair and the HES3D-160 at 40kgs per pair. Also  the HES3d-120 is a lighter hinge which can carry 30kgs per pair. In the pipeline there is also a version of the HES-3d with a capacity of up to 100kgs per pair. Do ring us if you’d like to learn more or order some samples.

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