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Full Disclosure on Our Premium Concealed Hinges

To the uninitiated, a hinge is a hinge. But of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Hinges come in literally dozens of different styles, shapes and sizes.

There are barrel and piano hinges, ball bearing and spring-loaded butt hinges. You can get hinges made from cold-rolled and stainless steel, aluminium, brass and bronze. All with different purposes, designed for use on different types and sizes of door, inside and out.

And then there are concealed hinges.

Concealed hinges were originally developed for cabinet makers to achieve a pristine finish on kitchen units, cupboards, wardrobes etc. Whereas traditional hinge designs are visible between the door and unit when closed, concealed hinges tuck neatly away on the inside panel. With use of a double pivot arm, they are able to move a door out in the traditional arc without needing to be visible when the door is closed.

As with all hinge types, concealed hinges have evolved over time. There are now dozens of variations available on the market. But most manufacturers still stick to that core original purpose – making concealed hinges for standard cabinets.

The variations tend to focus on opening angles. So sure, if you’re looking for absolute precision in how your cabinet door opens – 90o, 100o, 120o, 160o – you are spoilt for choice.

But what about if you want a concealed hinge for a non-standard cabinet door size? Something thicker, heavier or larger than usual? What if you want a concealed hinge for use outside, in a garden kitchen for example, or in a cabinet under a sink, and you want to be sure they won’t corrode and wear over time when exposed to moisture?

No hidden agenda – just solutions for every need

At Sugatsune, our focus is on supplying concealed hinges for as wide a range of applications as possible, for different sized doors in different situations.

For example, we offer models specially designed for thicker doors. Our groundbreaking Olympia 360 concealed hinge, which features our patented LAPCON adjustable rotary damper system, comes in both standard and heavy duty versions (the Olympia H360).

The benefit of the adjustable rotary damper is that it lets you set the torque to match the weight of the door, providing perfectly smooth, controlled close for doors big and small. Our Olympia hinges are categorised by height of the door, up to 2400mm full length wardrobe doors.

Our standard Olympia hinges are designed for doors with a maximum thickness of 20mm and a maximum material density of 0.6kg/m2. For the largest wardrobe doors, that translates into a maximum load of 18kg.

But sometimes you want a door that is thicker than 20mm for greater durability. A thicker door, however, adds more weight. For most manufacturers, the solution is to add more hinges. But this complicates hanging.

That’s why we developed the Olympia H360 range. The same premium close control in a concealed hinge, but for thicker, heavier doors. H360 hinges are designed for doors up to 30mm thick. So for a full length wardrobe, that pushes the maximum load capacity up to 26kg. And you still only need two or three hinges.

But what about even larger doors, especially those that are wider than standard cabinet widths? As mentioned, the Olympia range is suitable for doors up to 600mm in width. Anything wider creates different load forces. For that, you need an even more robust hinge.

Enter the J95. With a unique design developed to increase the load bearing capacity of a concealed hinge, the J95 works for doors up to 900mm in width with 3 hinges. Two hinges can support doors up to 25kg in weight, three hinges can handle up to 40kg.

Finally, our 100 series stainless steel concealed hinges are perfect for environments where corrosion from moisture is a concern. So for sink cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen or utility room, for units built into garages and outhouses, or as mentioned, for garden kitchens, summer houses or outdoor storage units, our stainless steel concealed hinges guarantee long-lasting performance in all environments.

So there we have it, concealed hinges unbound, the Sugatsune way – a range of solutions to suit every situation, with premium quality and performance guaranteed. Contact our sales team today to get matched with the ideal option for your requirements.

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