Not just a pretty fascia

Ever since it’s introduction the J95 hinge has been a bit of a hit. Familiar in format, it looks like a standard concealed hinge, only bigger and far stronger. Two will securely support a door weighing 25kgs up to 800mm wide.

The glass door kit has now arrived and is supplied with a truly glamorous faceplate in gleaming chrome. It looks like a futuristic aerofoil with the curved surface catching the light to assure a strong accent. It is fitted to the front of the glass door over the fitting hole with the glass door and a plastic gasket sandwiched between it and a standard J95 hinge.

Whilst the faceplate for the glass door kit is undeniably good looking the J95 hinge itself could best be described as functional. Sure, the engineer in you will marvel at the quality of manufacture, it is after all a Japanese product, but you’re not going to ask it out on a date.

Th J95 hinge, highly functional but not a looker

However after a bit of Japanese chin stroking the boffins at Sugatsune have come up with a couple of options that not only make it easier on the eye but they actually add extra security. The J95 can now be ordered with clip-on grey plastic covers for the body and mounting plate.

The new covers are surely a visual enhancement, concealing as they do all the scary screws. But beyond the aesthetics the cover that fits on the top of the body also locks the quick release tab. So any chance of accidental release is eliminated.

The quick release tab is situated at the end of the body and makes the removal of the door the work of a moment. Three way adjustment of depth, horizontal and vertical alignment is made by turning the screws accessible through holes on the front of the body.

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