Micro Adjustable Hinge HES3D-90

Small but perfectly formed the HES3D-90 is an architectural style hinge for smaller doors.

Sugatsune’s popular HES3D range starts with the hefty HES3D-190 which supports the doors on statement entrances around the world. They are so beautifully made that architects are always clamouring for smaller hinges made to the same standard. 

Now Sugatsune have released the HES3D-90, the little brother of the range. It still has a seven link mechanism and is fully adjustable on three axes but it is small enough for 23mm thick doors. 

Fully adjustable, in, out, up, down and side to side.

It has removable plastic covers which allow you to access the adjustment screws with a hex key. This gives a perfect, stable fit for doors. and you can readjust at any time to compensate for doors settling.

Always looks good, even when walking away

One of the reassuring things about Sugatsune products is that even the parts you’ll never see in normal use have the same care lavished upon them. Above is a picture of the back of the HES3D-90 showing the unbroken silver finish and clear labelling to make fitting stress free.

The HES3D-90 is available in silver and champagne gold finishes.

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