A look beneath the surface at Fastmount’s stunning new textile clips

Fastmount are a New Zealand company whose panel mounting system for yachts has seen a dramatic uptake shore side too. The concept is that internal panels should be easy to mount and remove repeatedly for maintenance and tough enough to be bounced around the worlds oceans on the back of a powerboat.

Their solution is award winning in it’s simplicity and despite having been developed for the marine industry canny designers use them for shop fitting and commercial interiors as their preferred panel mounting system.

TC-M6 Male Textil Clip

The new TC-06 textile range was first envisioned as a way of attaching cushions on board yachts. The TC-F6 female clip is sewn into the cushion where it mates with the TC-M6 male which has been screwed to the receiving surface. Push-click and the cushion is fitted with a 32kg break-out load per clip.

This will give enough retaining force for even the most boisterous of boys nights out and when it comes to cleaning up, the cushions or panels can be quickly swapped out by untrained staff , thanks to the intuitive slide lock mechanism that means a removal tool is not required.

Thanks to that, It’s not hard to imagine uses in the furniture or hospitality industries. Cushions or textile panels often need cleaning and this is rarely easy in situ. Having spare cushions that can be swapped out reduces down time and stress all round.

The system is very low profile making it invisible in use with no doming and imperceptible when used in seating. The present screw fitting male its complemented by a surface mount version TC-SM6 with a VHB adhesive backing and clear plastic versions for when the clip has to blend in when panels or cushions are removed, and with the TC-SM6S Sew On Clip male.

Sugatsune love this product, it is one of the few third party products they sell, they believe it to be the best panel fixing solution in the world today. 


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