Do you want to test the metal of Fastmount Panel Fixing Systems?

The high performance materials used in the Fastmount Panel Fixing System allow accurate installation and repeated reapplication of panels with no loss of fidelity. There are however applications where high temperature performance is also required. So now Sugatsune is pleased to introduce the MC-05, the Fastmount panel clip made from metal.

Initially designed for the super yacht industry the MC-05 has been pre-approved by Lloyds to fire rating B15 for a one hundred metre plus super yacht. This will also be a reassurance for those using the clips in less demanding situations but more important may be the greater load capacity.

The pull out force for the individual clips is 12kgs making it perfect for heavier ceiling panels.

Another consequence of being built from metal is the greater shear force load. This is not just a benefit for transport applications where the system remains unmoved by vibration and shock but ensures the panels stay true in any application within the specification, no matter how ambitious. Wall panels can be suspended with fewer clips or carry greater loads for example.

It also has enhanced acoustic and vibration isolation properties which could be useful in suppressing the sound of machinery behind panels or just keeping ambient noise in or out of a room.

Using the MC-05 in sheet metal applications is a clear pathway for many in the industrial sector, metal on metal feels right and these clips look right too.

Fixing curved panels can be a bit of a trying activity. Many fitters are now choosing Fastmount for just this reason. They find that the easy installation makes curved panels no more of a challenge than flat panels. A curved panel is more likely to want to move during it’s service life than a flat panel so the high tolerance the system has to panel flexing is another important consideration.

The MC-05 can be combined with other clips from the Fastmount Panel Fixing System perhaps using it only in areas where fire resistance is required but still using the same methodology and tools for installation. The same high tolerances will always keep flush panels true and allow for repeated removal and replacement.
Installation is just as easy too using the Fastmount tools appropriate for the substrate used.

Every now and then Sugatsune comes across a product that meets it’s own stringent standards of design and performance, a product so fit for purpose it cannot be improved upon.

One such product is the Fastmount Panel Mounting System.

Fastmount is an Auckland based company with an award winning product that grew out of the marine interiors industry and is widely becoming adopted as the gold standard for panel fixing systems.
Interchangeable male and female clips allow for a range of materials and fixing styles giving the designer the flexibility she needs.

Standard, Low Profile and Very Low Profile versions each come with three mounting options: self tapping, screw fixed or glued. Within each version the male and female clips are common to the different mounting types so that diverse substrates from wood and plasterboard to concrete and composites can all be used in a single installation.

The Fastmount System is set to become the international standard for panel mounting. Indeed it is such a good product that all of Sugatsune’s global branches got together and decided to carry Fastmount as their favoured panel fixing solution.

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