Have You Met Our Extended Family?

Sugatsune distributor of Hawa, Fastmount and O.M.M.

Sugatsune Kogyo is a family business. Even though we are now a multinational operation and one of the world’s largest suppliers of precision engineered industrial and architectural components, we have never forgotten our roots – a local family hardware store in Tokyo.

Our core values – quality, innovation and an unwavering commitment to service – are shared across our global family of regional companies, and across all of our brands, LAMP, Zwei L and Motion Design Tech.

They are also shared by what we like to think of as our extended family – the brands that we supply, often on an exclusive basis, but don’t own or manufacture.

We thought it was about time we put some of these important members of the Sugatsune family in the spotlight. In the UK and Europe, we have long standing relationships with three excellent brands – sliding door specialists Hawa, panel mounting systems innovator Fastmount and premium furniture components manufacturer O.M.M.

We’ve been working with all three of these brands for more than 10 years now. That length of time underlines just how well we work together, the synergies in approach and company ethos. By stocking lines from all three of these high quality brands, we can complement and extend our own range, which serves our main objective – giving our customers the best choice and the best products available.

Here’s a little more to reacquaint yourself with what our trusted partners have to offer.


Switzerland’s Hawa Sliding Solutions is a recognized global leader in sliding hardware systems. Built on the finest traditions of Swiss precision engineering, Hawa specializes in sliding, folding and stacking systems for in and out of buildings – doors, shutters, partitions, storage solutions, folding furniture and more, for both commercial and domestic use.

Hawa’s brand values fit with our own like hand in glove. The company’s razor sharp focus on superior build quality, exceptional performance, stylish design and pushing the envelope in technological innovation ensures they consistently deliver world-class solutions that marry versatility, reliability and aesthetic appeal.

The Hawa range ensures our customers get maximum flexibility when it comes to incorporating sliding systems into their architectural designs. Whether you are seeking ultra smooth frictionless motion for sliding doors, clever space-saving folding storage solutions or options to segment larger spaces, Hawa systems cater for it all.


New Zealand’s Fastmount sets the standard for interior panel mounting solutions. It’s award-winning hidden clip system not only allows panels to be installed quickly and with minimum hassle, it also guarantees perfect alignment and complete flexibility.

Like all great design innovations, the Fastmount concept is deceptively simple – precision engineered industrial grade plastic fastenings that can be mounted anywhere on any surface, allowing you to then simply clip panels on in any position and in any order. The holdings are robust and extensively stress tested, and you can remove and replace panels as many times as you want without any deterioration in grip or finish.

For us, stocking Fastmount is about giving our customers access to a truly world class product. Ideal for yacht, airplane and recreational vehicle fit outs as well as for architectural design, Fastmount fittings can be used on virtually any type of removable wall or ceiling panel.


O.M.M. is an Italian component manufacturer that specializes in metalware fittings and fixtures for furniture. As a company rooted in the art and science of precision engineered components ourselves, we have a great deal of respect for O.M.M.’s commitment to rigorous design and build principles even for the smallest and most basic products.

Our customers also appreciate the way that O.M.M. products provide high quality, reliable solutions to tricky technical design issues that face furniture manufacturers. Much of the O.M.M. range, from connecting fittings to shelf supports to level adjusters, are the kind of hidden away components that are easy to overlook but do an essential job all the same.

Some of the most popular O.M.M. products that we stock include fully concealed straightening bars that prevent bowing in large doors. While much of the focus with large, heavy doors is on hinge strength, O.M.M.’s razor sharp attention to detail provides invaluable additional support for durable performance over time.

Get the latest from all our partners

One of the things we guarantee with our brand partners is that you will never have to wait weeks for products if you order through us. We maintain a extensive range of products from each brand in stock and ready for direct dispatch. As always, rapid, convenient fulfillment on every order is all part of the premium service we promise.

Just as we are, our partner brands are regularly adding to their ranges as they constantly strive to improve on what’s available on the market and listen to what customers want. We stock new lines as soon as possible. Why not check in with us to find out what’s new and what’s on the radar for the coming months?

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