Wouldn’t it be great to have a coherent design solution for glass display cases?

The GX-50N has the lowest profile of any caster in this class.
The XL-GC01 door lock has a clever locking system as shown below
XLGC Keylock
The 1462.**. Dead bolt glass cabinet door lock - high security and ease of use
The GH-450 comes in three finishes - this is the alluring gold.
AP-DM Shelf Standard Low profile aluminium shelf standard the AP-DM

Recently a national chain chose to install a custom colour version of the GX50N caster on it’s retail units. Sugatsune was proud that the exceptionally low profile and load bearing characteristics of the caster had turned out to be so suitable for this application. The caster was not designed specifically for retail fitouts and yet the particularities of it’s design and manufacture made it the perfect solution.

It’s like that with many of the Sugatsune product range. Sugatsune works with many partners across the architectural and industrial sectors so many of its products have been designed in a very distinct way to answer a very specific problem. Take the exclusive XL-GC range of glass cabinet hardware. It was intended to be understated and classy and to carry a minimalist visual theme through locks, hinges and sliding door brackets. It is a sublime system, brushed stainless steel with a subtle bevel, you know it’s there but it never upstages the contents of the display case.

The locks on the XL-GC are a very stylish and practical solution to keeping the visual noise to a minimum with security benefits thrown in. The key is pushed into a discreet slot to open the door and removed to lock it, simple. As the lock is practically invisible it gives bad guys nothing to focus on.

Most retail units will involve locks of some kind as the cabinets are often chosen to display and protect high value items. Sugatsunes range include high security locks like the mysteriously named 1462.**.0C and the 1463.**.0C. – the first with a dead bolt the second using a cam. These are strong locks that are tamper proof and will be there long after the glass door has shattered. They have a reversible captive key that can be used as a handle to open the door, details that make the lock highly functional in use.

Being discreet has it’s place but sometimes you want a bit more front. The GH-450 hinges are more consciously decorative and come in either Satin Nickel, Chrome or even Gold for a bit of bling. Whilst these are good workhorse style glass door hinges they look very well, having a front face that is gently curved giving a combination of grace and substance. And substantial they certainly are, being made from solid brass with a capacity of 15kgs per pair and giving faultless smooth performance.

Going through a Sugatsune catalogue can be an eye opener for anyone in the retail sector, so many pieces of hardware that may solve a specific problem and all with the reassurance of Sugatsune’s quality control. You know this hardware won’t let you down, as much of it has been developed for far harsher environments than the high street. Aside from the usual catches, latches, hinges, handles and so on there are motion control solutions for cabinet or wardrobe doors that find their way into retail these days, and advanced shelving systems that have real presence.

Even a humble shelf standard such as the AP-DM has the Sugatsune touch. At 3mm it is super low profile lending itself to surface mounting where the smooth aluminium finish pushes all the right buttons. It’s sister product the AP-DH can be press mounted without screws into a 6mm mortise. They both benefit from a unique hole design which prevents the shelf support from falling out. The shelf support itself has a space saving design, eliminating the dead space you sometimes find under shelf brackets. Sugatsune thinking in every detail.

If you’re working in the retail sector and haven’t seen a Sugatsune catalogue recently, give us a ring and order one, it may solve a problem you didn’t even know you had!

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