What’s this? Fashion hooks from Sugatsune?

Sugatsune has a reputation it is true, but largely for sober, well thought-through design. Then along come these outrageously good looking hooks, part of a range of startling designs and we have to re-evaluate this family company from Japan.

Sugatsune acknowledges that the hooks represent a departure, representing a new confidence in their design abilities. As products they are unashamedly design led whilst retaining the close attention to detail and quality expected from the company.

What strikes you first about the hooks is their playfulness and creativity. The bright colours and singular finishes combine with Sugatsune’s sense of balance and proportion to bring emphasis to any design.

PXB Series

The Premium Wood pictured above and left, combines wood and stainless steel in a restrained contemporary design which is minimalist and functional. It can be used alone or with it’s partner products, a towel rail and light switch

Hooks designed to be child friendly with a soft rubber coating and bright colours are also ideal for anywhere that has a light-hearted feel. These jolly hooks are available in primaries, pastels and neutral colours.


The neutral colours of the Nordic Rubber range will fit in almost design, playing a supporting role rather than catching the eye. Their careful restraint and simple form will appeal to those who value function over drama.

Urban Metal Quest and Metal Quest fit into the traditional luxury market. Simple rectilinear designs are optionally embellished with a textured pattern. These hooks are partnered with visually matched accessories for the bathroom too.


Gold or black with an embossed traditional Japanese pattern, the Urban Metal Quest is a hook that speaks of luxury and opulence.


Black or stainless finishes make these Urban Metal Quest hooks purposeful looking.

Not everyone wants shiny bright fittings, the modern steam-punk aesthetic celebrates industrial decay with oxidised finishes and eccentric designs.


Making a feature of big screws and a lo-tech  design make these quirky ‘Aged Screw’ hooks great fun.


Aged Cast looks like something you’d find in an imagined past, chunky castings and a distressed finish give a distinctive look.

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