There’s No Secret To Why Our Hidden Door Systems Are Such a Hit

Magicians famously never share the secrets behind their tricks. But at Sugatsune, we take the exact opposite approach.

In fact, there’s nothing we like more than demonstrating exactly how our groundbreaking architectural components work. Because there are no illusions, no sleight of hand. Just world class design and engineering expertise in the finest Japanese tradition.

That’s why we love getting out and about to trade shows, putting our products on display, meeting people, and getting hands-on in showing what we offer.

KBB Birmingham at the National Exhibition Centre last March was our first opportunity to meet and mingle again post-COVID. It was great to be back. With our products, it really is a case of seeing is believing. We can describe the way they work, the innovative approaches our design teams pride themselves on, our unwavering commitment to premium quality in both form and function.

But it’s only when you see them in action that you really grasp the magic.

MFU1200 the Wow factor

There were plenty of ‘wow’ moments at KBB Birmingham. Our sliding door systems drew particular admiration from the many visitors we warmly welcomed to our stand. And none more so than the MFU1200, our exemplary flush sliding door system.

Whisper it – that means bona fide hidden doors.

You’ve seen it in countless movies. A plain panel in a wall with no outward sign of handle or hinges, which nonetheless opens at a touch onto a secret room or concealed passageway. There’s often a hint of some ingeniously complex contraption at work.

Not so with the MFU1200. As with all of our components, for us the real magic lies in its beguiling simplicity.

Whether you’re looking to conjure something extra special with a walk-in closet, a hidden study or cubby hole, or discreetly enclosed storage space, the MFU1200 makes the concealed door concept readily available to all.

No handles? No problem

The MFU1200 functions with just a single top sliding rail – no bottom rail or floor groove is necessary. This minimal number of parts allows for straightforward installation.

But the real secret to the MFU1200 is its motion. Unlike pocket sliding door systems, it doesn’t move directly sideways – there’s no need to build a pocket or a recess in the adjoining. And unlike our equally popular LIN-X lateral hinges, it doesn’t open forwards and across.

Instead, the MFU1200 opens back and across – leaving the open door neatly flush with the adjacent wall. The advantage of this compared to the other lateral opening options? You don’t need a handle. Push anywhere on a plain panel to set it back on the rail, and then slide to open.

And that’s the trick behind a hidden door, the simple way. The Sugatsune way.

Easy adjustment after mounting means you can position the panel to sit perfectly flush with surrounding surfaces when closed. Try it out on visitors – see how many guess there’s a door there first time.

As a final touch, the slide mechanism features a two-way damper, providing beautifully controlled motion in both opening and closing. A gentle push, and watch the panel gracefully slide open of its own accord, with minimal effort. We were asked ‘How do you do that?’ more than a few times.

Flush opening for every situation

Nor can we be accused of being a one-trick pony with the MFU1200. It is just one of a whole range of solutions we supply for achieving discreet, neat, controlled opening,on everything from small cabinets to full-length wardrobes and interior doors.

The aforementioned LIN-X lateral hinge range, for example, means you can optimise use of space by avoiding doors swinging outwards as they open and close, tucking flat against an adjacent surface as they open instead. And our popular HES3D concealed hinges, which are now available for doors weighing from 9kg all the way up to 125kg, provide a similar tidy finish, with their wide opening angle meaning an open cabinet or door tucks neatly out the way flat against the next surface.

A box of tricks? For us, it’s more about providing premium options through innovative design and precision engineering expertise. And while there’s plenty of aesthetic value in keeping door mechanisms hidden, there’s no smoke and mirrors about how we do it. Get in touch at to find out more.

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