How do you order a sliding door mechanism?

How to specify your sliding door

Coming from Japan, the home of the ‘shoji screen’, it’s no surprise that Sugatsune have a wide range of sliding doors available with almost any permutation possible. After deciding on the specific movement or system required there are then some simple choices that need to be considered. Below we’ve used the popular FD Sliding Door System to demonstrate the typical decisions that are made.

The FD system has three versions for progressively larger doors so having chosen the appropriate one for your application the next question is:

The weight of the door is carried by rollers running along the upper track. The rollers can be surface mounted or recessed into the door. Both have their advantages, surface mounted are quick and easy to fit and the recessed versions are less visually intrusive because they are routed into the door. In the case of the FD-30H the roller is side-mounted.

Sugatsune sliding doors are super quiet in operation and can have the added refinement of soft-closing at either, neither or both ends of movement.

Once you’ve made the decisions above talk to Sugatsune and they will help you work out the length of track to order and to put a kit together for you with the right components for your sliding door system.

The FD System can also be supplied as a bi-folding or multiple synchronised two or three door system in which case the same questions need to be answered along with, ‘how many doors?’

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