The most advanced concealed hinge becomes more versatile

We are always listening to our clients to find inspiration for developing new solutions and expanding our product line. Our clients have spoken about the Olympia Hinge (360 series) and they were quite eloquent and consistent in one opinion. The most satisfying characteristic of the Olympia is its adjustable hydraulic damper by Lapcon that allows doors of all sizes and weights in a kitchen to close at the same speed like a perfectly coordinated orchestra. The absence of a variable damper hinge is more noticeable when there is a significant difference in weight between the doors, and because the weight variant increases with the thickness of the doors we new the Olympia for thick doors would be well received.

Introducing Olympia Hinges for thick doors – H360 Series

Same reliability, failproof adjustment, and easy installation in the standard format with a 40mm cutout.

These newer models are for doors from 18-30mm thick as standard, and up to 34mm with a chamfered edge.

There are three new models available from the H360 series, the Olympia series for thick doors: from 26mm to 16mm overlay with 100 degrees opening angle and also inset opening with up to 93 degrees angle.

Needless to say, all models are featured with the 5-speed adjustable soft close Lapcon technology rotary dampers, that allow for perfect closing match regardless of the door size or weight.

And speaking of weight, the H360 Series can support doors of up to 26kg with 4 hinges, 22kg with 3 and 15kg with just 2 hinges. Utilizing fewer hinges in a door is not only more elegant, but I also cuts the installation time and the budget for hardware.

Concealed hinges were a significant improvement that allowed for a new seamless clean look in our kitchens with the doors shut, but we can also improve on the aesthetics of the doors from the inside, because the joy of life is in the small details. We are proud of the best in class finishes of our hardware, precision stamping with extra-low tolerances and high quality materials like the SPCC stainless steel and the everlasting POM Acetal plastic; and when you install Sugatsune you can have the peace of mind that the best is there, but you do not need to show-it off all to the world. It is fine if you decide to cover this marvelous hardware with one of our nickel plated Body Covers or the new Glass door faceplates in 4 finishes: Chrome, Satin nickel, 24K Gold and Black.

For those of you who have been following our Olympia Hinge evolution, you are already familiar with the 4 concepts the guided its development:

  • Concept 1: Seamless performance with the 5 speed adjustable soft close mechanism.
  • Concept 2: Extreme durability. These hinges have performed flawlessly during our excessive 200.000 cycles test. This is 5 times the amount of cycles required by the Japanese Industry Standards.
  • Concept 3: Easy, straight forward, time-saving installation. The proprietary Turn-Lock system grants a smooth installation by simply pushing from the top. You won ́t run into the complications arising when you are installing multiple hinges in one door with the traditional Front-First mechanism.
  • Concept 4: Perfect calibration with 3-way one-handed adjustment using just one screwdriver. You can find on the top all the screws to adjust vertically, horizontally and in depth.

Sugatsune, the obvious choice for concealed hinges.

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