Sugatsune Have Done Some Deep Thinking For Shallow Wardrobes

Space. It may be the final frontier but when it comes to wardrobes there’s rarely enough of it. In Japan, where much of Sugatsune’s products are developed there’s even less of the stuff which explains the endless ways they have of making the most of what they’ve got.

The fashion in the west has been to have a rail going across the wardrobe but this means that it has to be at least 50cm deep. A shallower wardrobe can use extension hangers to make sure that a favourite jacket doesn’t end up forgotten at the back.

The UH Series extension hanger in the picture above can be installed in wardrobes only 300mm deep. Made from stainless steel it can be silently drawn forward to allow it’s cargo of shirts to be riffled through.

A little bigger and tougher is the AS Series. Attached beneath a shelf or the top of the cabinet it will support up to 10kgs of clothes.

The AS Series - stainless steel, robust and extensible. The perfect choice for a wardrobe that sees a lot of action.

Of course larger wardrobes can also benefit from extending hangers where they can be combined with transverse rails. The SH740 is attached to the inside front and back panels and actually uses a full extension ball bearing drawer slide for easy access and a smooth withdrawal.

With capacity for over 40kgs clothes the SH740 can make the most of a larger wardrobe.

The CK is a simple and stylish hook, on the inside of a wardrobe it can be used to perch hangers whilst browsing. It comes with one, two or three positions for hangers and an eye hook at the end. It’s minimalist stainless steel look makes it ideal for wet-rooms too.

Very often it’s the smaller things that need the organising. Ties are tricky customers, good silk ones are delicate and devilishly slippery so need special care when it comes to storage. Sugatsune has a surprisingly broad range of tie hangers which have non slip materials to keep ties in place.

With a rubber edge on the top side of the bar the S350 prevents ties from slinking to the floor when you’re not looking. Can also be used for scarves and belts too as it’s flexible design just offers a useful place to hang long things.

With it’s rubber coating the MST looks after valuable silk ties and keeps them to hand in the smallest possible space. With twenty positions you could have a different tie for every day of a working month. Available in ‘blend-in’ brown or white.

The DTR has two rails both with rubber anti-slip strips giving plenty of storage space for neck-wear and belts or even just a handy place to leave a coat hanger whilst trying on clothes.

One of the first wardrobe organisers produced by Sugatsune is the TALMAN hanger rail lift mechanism. It allows the hanger rail, laden with clothes, to be lowered for perusal and then pushed effortlessly up and out of the way. It’s still produced today because it’s solidity and quality are unmatched by anything else on the market with powerful lift assist and motion damping. It can make use of overhead space keeping more accessible parts of the wardrobe free for shelves and drawers. Available in ‘L’ ‘T’ or double configurations.
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