It’s only a knob but it can make all the difference to the sale of a yacht

The HG-JHM16 installed in a vanity unit aboard a yacht at last years Southampton Boat Show
The NSDX-35 adjustable damped lid stay
Ideal for smaller flaps concealing electronic equipment the SDS-100TV offers refined soft opening.
Mounted behind the lower edge of a cabinet door the LL-66S is a beautiful interpretation of a classic mechanism.
Fully encapsulated, the MC-JM45 is a simple but effective strong magnetic catch with a retaining force of 3kgs.

The yacht interior

Talking to a yacht interior designer recently one was struck at how much influence the female in a partnership will have in the purchasing decision.

Whilst there are many fine yachtswomen out there just as concerned with the technical specification of the yacht as any old sea dog there are also those whose interests are more focused on the creature comforts within. If the yacht’s interior is not up to snuff then regardless of the quality of it’s naval architecture it’ll get the thumbs down.

Looking good is part of the deal but the tactile response – the touching and handling of the interactive components of the interior are also important. Sugatsune hardware feels good in the hand – it’s built to exacting standards, the reassuring solidity communicates the overall quality of the yacht and smooths the sale.

Sugatsune solution

Making lids close quietly is something Sugatsune does well – map tables and vanity units in cabins are damped with integrated hinges like the HG-JHM16 or with the addition of a stay like the NSDX-35. A stay originally designed for the domestic media centre, the SDS100-tv has proved very useful for small drop down flaps concealing communications or entertainmemnt equipment.
The lever catches the LL-66 and LL66S continue to prove popular, being discreet and with a secure close they keep cupboard doors in place when seas are rough. Push knob latches are more usually used when the cupboard doors are flush as is increasingly common these days. The DPL and PKL offer similar functionality, a knob that secures the door when pushed in out of the way but serves as a handle when popped out. These are lovely units to handle and are beautifully finshed in gold, chrome or black nickel.
Magnetic catches always find a place too and with rare earth magnets can be surprisingly secure – we ship significant numbers of the MC-JM45 catches and MC-JM49 stainless strike plates to marine partners.
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