Soft-close functionality to free swing doors

The LDD-S open and free to move like an unrestricted door.You can see the arm that engages with the lower guide to control closing
LDD-S Closed
And closed, the door will not blow open.
Here you can see the closing mechanism using a combination of strong springs and patented Lapcon hydraulic dampers the arm pulls the door shut quietly.

Soft-Close door dampers

Sugatsune is best known for it’s motion control furniture hardware: Soft-Close lid stays, toilet seat dampers, novel cabinet door mechanisms and such like. Recently the research and development department has been looking at the standard interior door and wondering how value could be added.

Conventional door closers make sure that a door is properly closed at all times, a health and safety requirement in some cases but impede the free movement of the door. Wouldn’t it be great to have a mechanism that leaves the door free to move in the open position but quietly closes the door when required?

The New LDD soft-closing door system from Sugatsune attaches discretely to the top of the door and takes command of the door in the last few degrees before closing giving a silent yet positive close. When open the mechanism detaches and the door swings free so that users are only aware of it when it soft closes. 

Have a look at this youtube video of the LDD-S to get an idea of how it works

It is visually inobtrusive and comes in two versions targetting different users.

The LDD-S is a surface mount variant that is suitable for retro fitting or for new developments where standard doors are being used.

The LDD-V is installed in a rout at the top of the door and is being used by door manufacturers to add value to their offering. 

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