SLS-ELAN, an easy-open stay that stops anywhere and soft closes

For upward opening flap doors
 SLS-ELAN Spring hole
Strong springs seen through a hole in the housing
 SLS-ELAN Damper
The Lapcon hydraulic damper for the soft-close function
 SLS-ELAN Installed
The arm stays close to the door giving better access
SLS-ELAN easy to fit and adjust

SLS-ELAN an easy lift-up stay

A new design from Sugatsune for upward opening flap doors, the SLS-ELAN is a combination of a spring lift-assist stay with a Lapcon soft-down damper in one discreet and easily installed unit.

Easy Open.

The lift assist mechanism uses powerful springs to counterbalance the weight of the flap door and makes awkward to open overhead flap doors feel weightless.


The SLS-ELAN is designed to stay open at the angle you leave it, so the flap door will never move out of reach. Ideal for users of different heights


Using Sugatsunes patented Lapcon hydraulic dampers the door soft-closes when nearly shut, no bangs, no drama.

Only one stay needed on standard weight doors.

Depending on the weight of the door either one or two stays can be used. For standard size doors only one stay is necessary saving money and time fitting.

Better access with a discreet and slim design

The SLS-ELAN keeps out of the way at the top of the cabinet so it does not restrict access and it’s discreet slim design occupies less space inside.

Easy to fit

Align the body with the top front of the cabinet. Screw in place with the two supplied screws. A further two screws mount the arm to the door. The cover snaps on top.

Easy to adjust

To fine tune the ‘free stop’ feature a screw is turned in the brake sleeve on the arm

Japanese quality and reliability

The SLS-ELAN has been cycle tested 50,000 times so you can be sure it will not fail in normal use. The quality of the stay is reflected in it’s discreet looks: it will fit in with any contemporary environment.

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