Lift-assist Stay EZS-ELAN

The EZS-ELAN in the fully open position, up and out of the way but still within reach.
Well understood springs and dampers - well engineered into a superb product.
The optional coverplate can be used for your own branding

Lift-assist Stay EZS-ELAN

Some years ago Sugatsune introduced the SLS-ELAN, a lift-assist, soft-down stay for upward opening flap doors. The market loved it because it combined so many desirable features in one unit. The concept of a stay with the three functions, soft closelift assist and stop anywhere is one that Sugatsune has decided to run with.

The  EZS-ELAN carries the core features into a powerful new unit with an “easy over” motion. This motion is for full height cabinet doors that have space above them so that the upward opening flap door can swing up and over. With three versions all standard size doors are catered for and by combining the heavy duty version with the medium duty in the same cabinet non standard installations can be accommodated.

Like the SLS-ELAN, it can be stopped in any position, so the door never moves out of reach, it closes silently and has powerful springs to make it easy to push the door up and over. It is also easy to install, you just line it up with the top corner of the cabinet and screw it in place. No hinges are needed either.

The ELAN range is proudly branded with the LAMP logo -Sugatsunes main brand in Japan. However an optional nameplate is supplied which can eliminate the visual impact of the branding or be branded with your own logo. Another consideration for manufacturers is that the nameplate is compatible with all of the growing range of ELAN motion control products so only one would have to be manufactured.

Please ring us to talk through how the EZS-ELAN could add value to your designs.

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