Our hinges come to pieces in your hands and we boast about it?

All hinges in the HES range have the same features as the flagship HES3D-190 above
All hinges in the HES range have the same features as the flagship HES3D-190 above
HES3D-190 installed
When installed these are strong superbly engineered hinges ideal for larger entrances
HES3D-120 detached
Even the smaller HES3d120 separates into two parts for easy installation
HES3D-120 Black
All the hinges come in a range of colours = custom colours can also be handled - call us

Concealed hinge that comes apart

An adjustable concealed hinge that comes apart in your hands? And this is good you may ask? Why certainly, it is. Our hinges separate into two pieces to make installation easy and accurate, one man can even install a large door without drama. And with the smaller hinges where many may be used in a development, a simple snap, click or screw together assembly can save a great deal of time.

Whilst snap together assembly is to be expected in flagship hinges like the HES3D-190 Sugatsune thinks that even smaller hinges like the HES3D-120 should have all the features and production values of their bigger brothers. So whilst it is appropriate for doors as slim as 29mm it still has the same seven link concept and super smooth engineering. It is adjustable on three axes for perfect fit after installation and to adjust for movement in the door or building throughout the life of the door.

And most importantly the two parts of the hinge come apart so that they can be independently and safely installed in their routs before being reunited as the door is fitted. If the door needs to be removed then it is the work of a moment with a hex key.

With the recent introduction of the HES3D-120 architects can now be sure that their original conception, visible in the hinges of the major entrance doors of a building is carried through visually with the smaller hinges of the interior doors.


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